Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wii U

Hey everyone, I think that you all  already knew the second generation Wii will be publish
on 2012 ^^
The second generation is Wii U ~~~~~
But some people called it wii 2.

Wii U enable you to switch from TV to the new controller and continue your game .
Another function of it is drawing by using the new controller. You also can switch from controller to TV and continue your drawing.
{OMG it is so cool, I like it}

And then you can combine the Wii controller and  Wii U 
to get new views on the new controller.
{The modern technology is so advanced @@}

I like the Wii U function for video calls.
If your friends have New controller then you can video call with your friends .
It's similar to 3G.

Want to know more about Wii U?
Here's the Wii U trailer for you all.

If  you want to reserve a Wii U, you can visit Play-asia's website.
{But the Pre-Order is not open yet}
Buy Nintendo Wii U at

PS:This is my first time using English to write my blog. If there are mistakes,
      Please forgive me.
      My English is very poor. That's why I try to use English to write my blog.
      So, I can improve my English 

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