Friday, December 27, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013

Saturday and Sunday is Comic Fiesta 2013 YO HO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward this day coming~This year Comic Fiesta is Awesome!

And this year me and sis is official Blogger ~ this is first time we get official Blogger tag./// we can get inside hall early morning. This year Comic Fiesta have 6 hall at  KLCC Convention Center.  

Me and my lovely sister she cosing Kanata ~

*Inside Event Hall *

*Coffy Tiam *

*Coffy Tiam Booth Selling Guest cosplayer poster and coscard and Comic Fiesta T-shirt *

*Redjuice New Artwork*

This year Comic Fiesta have League Of Legends competition~

taking photo with 1337 Booth stuff.
they very friendly. But so sad I dun have go there play game ~ 〒▽〒

Me and Danny Choo ≧▽≦y

*Culture Japan Booth *

This year Comic Fiesta 2013 guest.
Yuegene, stayxxxx, Xrystal and Onnies ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

Meet my Friends at Comic Fiesta so happy can meet at them o(≧o≦)o

First time meet my blogger friend Hanie she so cute ~////

Xsaye, Sister and Me o(≧//ω//≦)o

Stella and Elaina o(≧ω≦)o 

Pretty Angie cosing Mirai chan at Culture Japan Booth (/≧▽≦)/

Cute couple I meet at outside Kaya and Reiz ♥\(≧▽≦)/♥

Comic Fiesta Staff ~

Nata!!!!!!!!!!! she cosing christa so CUTE (/≧▽≦)/

Aiyuki This is second time I meet her (/≧▽≦)/

After We going VIP Room Media interview Guest~
I have Re-coed stayxxxx Media interview Video but will late update at youtube.... cuz I dunno how to use Video editing..... ̄□ ̄||

* Yuegene Media interview *
She so HANDSOME ˋ( °///////// ▽、/////////° )

 I so glad can take photo with Onnies she so pretty ˋ( °///////// ▽、/////////° )
when I meet her at guest room I almost fall in love with her  (wait what I talking   (@[]@!!)

Xrystal Singapore Cosplay Guest ~ 

Take Photo With Yuegene \(≧▽≦)/♥

Day 2 I cosplay Mirai Chan Casual ver~
thank you  KennTee Take this photo.

*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥My treasure♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥*

All Coscard I receive at CF (/≧▽≦)/ Lovely Lovely ♥♥

*Video Message to Malaysia fans by Yuegene Fay *

*It is a message to Malaysia fans by Yuegene Fay, who have the titles of WCS 2007 & 2009 Representative and Cosplay Ambassador for Thailand & Japan. Yuegene Fay is well known for her Visual Kei cosplays.*

Video By my sis Ridley ~

*Comic Fiesta Video*

Video By StudioOmoshiroi  ~

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013 is Coming !!

Comic Fiesta 2013 is Coming  !!! YEAH !! Comic Fiesta is big ACG Event at Malaysia.
All ACG Fans are you ready?! 

2013 年漫画嘉年华 即将到来了 !!!! 太棒了 !!!! 漫画嘉年华是在马来西亚最大的 ACG 活动。
不知道喜欢ACG 的粉丝/友人准备好了吗?

This year many guests coming Comic Fiesta
I think their fans are looking forward to meet all guests right ?!
Of course, I am also looking forward to meeting all guests! >///w///<(STAYXXXX SAMA YUEGENE SAMA!!!!

今年的嘉宾特别多哦 ~///
嘉宾的粉丝都很期待和她们见面吧 ?!
当然我也很期待和全部的嘉宾见面! >///w///< ( STAYXXXX SAMA YUEGENE SAMA !!!! 狂喊中

Comic Fiesta have sell some T-shirts,CF Posters and Badges etc...
If you're Comic Fiesta Fans you can't miss. XD

喜很漫画嘉年角色的友人绝对不能错过 XD

More Detail for Comic Fiesta 2013
Click Below the Link 

Comic Fiesta website

21-22 December
At Hall 1-6 KLCC Convention Center 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Amnesia shooting again~

Rest time taking Michael Tang take photo hahah
but camera only focus my Orion ...... 
This time Amnesia shooting again but this time is with my Orion.

That day is my Orion Birthday I waiting this shoot very long time hahah ~
I want shoot Birthday shoot with my orino.///// hahah ~

NG photo ~ Yeah ~

Group Photo ///// Than you Kido and Michael Tang ~
and Birthday my cousin ~ 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mr Lens ~

Last Week receive my new cos wig and new contact lens hahahaha, guess what wig I buy hehe ~ yap is kyokai on kanata Mirai Chan wig.
I will cosplay Mirai Chan at this year Comic Fiesta  with my friends.//// I so look  forward this year Comic Fiesta cuz have many awesome guests coming Malaysia Comic Fiesta wahhahaha!!!///  

Oh and I also receive my new contact lens at last week Thursday./// so pretty and fast receive the new lens.//
very love my lens cuz the lens is very expensive.....But thank you The Butterfly Project selected me for special collaboration with Mr. Lens so I can get 2 set free contact lens. >*w*<

The Butterfly Project just send me one code to get 2 set free contact lens at Mr. Lens, I'am very satisfied Mr. Lens service attitude.

that time I think I miss the first email The Butterfly Project send me cuz at first email they have tell me what contact lens brand we can choose, but I only read second email they send me.
I just choose the contact lens brand I like ==lllll but at second day Mr.Lens send me email tell me my Mr.Lens account have been black list.... they ask me open new account using same code get the free lens and Mr.lens tell me which contact lens I can choose. Yap I very like this service attitude cuz they will tell you what reason they will black list your account.

How you buy lens at Mr.lens?
1.choose the contact lens you like.

2. Go to your Currently In Your Shopping Cart confirm the lens you want buy.
3. Click "Checkout" continue next step.

4. Check your Shopping Address, Click "continue" go to  next step. 

5.Tick mark at "Confirmation" and "Terms of Service"
6.Click "Confirm Order" go to  next step. 

If you Today buy contact lens at Mr.Lens day after tomorrow you will receive your contact lens.

Mr. Lens Website :

Friday, November 22, 2013


This month so many thing happen to me...I so tired to take care all the thing and I dun want to take care cuz is will make me stress.
hope everyday can  hang out with friends, I dun like stay at home cuz I feel lonely and stress.

Hope every week can go events or shooting ~ Of course not only cosplay event haha ~
Only going events and shooting can help me relaxation.

And one thing I finally give up him already cuz he got girl friend already (this week only know he got girl friend==llll I feel like WTH haha ), maybe have a bit sad but this is best way for me, now I just want focus the thing I want to do X//D

And Thank you Alex help me do this shooting hahah ~
and this place look like Hong Kong and Taiwan ////  I very like it.
I very miss Taiwan >///< hope next year can go Taiwan Cosplay Event.////

And one thing I really want to thank you Alex ~

Alex help my take Akatsuki  signature and Reika post card size cos card ///////
Thank you very much T///w///T
when I saw Akatsuki  signature I super SUPER SUPER  HAPPY !!!!
so regret I didn't go JCOS TwT
But Thank You Alex ~

And Thank you my all cosplay friend when I feel down they always make me happy..
I really glad can meet you all.

Monday, November 18, 2013

AFA 2013 ~

*hug Amber Cheese Kun *

This is my first Time going Singapore AFA Event IT IS SO FUN////
and is my first time take train going Singapore....but we take train at Friday night hahah 
that night at train I can't sleep T^T
cuz I sleep near by the door someone open or close the door make the annoying sound and someone listen music with headphones open sound very loud....... 
I only sleep one hour T^T cuz aly reach Singapore.

Actually at day 1 I cos Neko school uniform ver ~ but my costume have litter bit problems..
I change to Christa renz... but I only cos 2 hour at Event, forget to wear black leather skirt.

Day 2 Lacus Clyne first time wear long dress haha but very hard to walk.
Thank my partner take care my dress at event .

 Kido help me take some litter bit event photo 
he have give me 3 photo.... but have one photo I dunno save at where aly ~
so just put this two photo~ 

11/17 is Makoto Birthday 
when Kido send me this photo my face look like wah ~~~
so sad I can't see this scene at AFA Event .

May'n so cute ///// I tot kido shoot is real May'n but he shoot poster only ==
I like her Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Universal Bunny song ////

I meet my boabei Elyon Lim XD
same whit me is Ranka Lee Fans >////////<
hope we can cosplay together next year ////////

*Sawada and me *
Finally can meet you haha.

 Happy Birthday Shine Ng
Never get older >//3//<

After Dinner we all take group photos together /////
so happy can meet everyone 
Hope next time can go trip together.

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