Friday, April 26, 2013

Project DIVA f shooting ~

这是我第一次和那么大的团体一起外拍Project DIVA f  ~
去到那里遇见了 一年没有见面Ying Tze 和 Angie
两位都变了漂亮了 //
也辛苦了Angie 她为了这一场拍摄弄得自己很累

I'm back ~
This is my first time with Big groups shooting Project DIVA f
When I reach there I meet Ying Tze and Angie have been one years didn't see they 
both of two become more beautiful lady 
Also know a lot of people ~

 [第一张] Alma Woo (Rin) 和 Sher Myn (Meiko)
Sher Myn 这一张好帅气//
[第二张] 那天的 Birthday 女 来自新加坡的Camille Chan (Miku)
Camille Chan 是来自新加坡 AFA的女仆

[第三张] 好久不见的Ying Tze (Luka)

[First photo] is me Alma Woo (Rin) and Sher Myn (Meiko)
when take photo Sher Myn look so man  // 
[Second photo] That day is was Camille chan (Miku)  Birthday she come  from Singapore 
Camille chan is Singapore AFA Meido 
[Third Photo] Ying Tze (Luka) and me

 美丽的Yuki Christy (Ribbon Girl ver )

Huko yee(中间那一张排右边第二位 Rin ) 变了很多哦!!@@
虽然是第一次见到他本人~完全认不出是她 回家找FB才知道她是Hukoyee

Beautiful Yuki Christy (Ribbon Girl Ver)

Huko Yee (The middle one the second row on the right ) has changed a lot Oh!! @ @
Although this is the first time I saw her~ Completely not recognize is her   
when I go back home find FB friend list finally know she is Huko 

可爱的~Eclair-Nyanko Aiai
谢谢她邀请我进这场外拍 >///<

Kawaii Eclair
Very Thank for her invited me to join this groups shooting >//<

Chia Yi 我的同志 LOL
没有想到会遇到和我一样喜欢玩恐怖Game 同类~
遇到同类的时候超开心的  >///<  

还有Alex~哈哈哈 没有想到他会来

Chia Yi and Alex ~
Chia Yi my comrades LOL
I never thought I can meet someone like play horror game comrades 
My friends rarely play horror Game 


♥Miku Cosplayer
Honey Whip Ver -Camille Iora
Wagamama Kojocho Ver -Akihiko Michaelis
Memoria Ver - Chia Yi
Hatsune Miku Yukata Style Ver - Cappy Phreakyfish
Neko Neko Cape Ver - Eclair
Purple Ageha Ver - Aiyuki Adelle
Ribbon Girl Ver - Yuki Christy
Innocent Ver - 咖喱叶 (Karie)
Star Voice Ver - Aiko Shorin
Science Girl Ver - Maro Ch
Agitation Ver - Cili Padi

♠Rin Cosplayer
 Melancholy Ver - Angie (Team Leader)
Trade School Ver - Huko yee 
Scissors Ver - Alma Woo

♦Luka Cosplayer
Afterschool Mode Ver - ChelsesYuan (me)
Ruby Ver (World's End Dancehall) -  Ying Tze

♥Meiko Cosplayer
Border Break Ver - Kaien Yuu
Graduate Ver - Sher myn 

★ Kaito Cosplayer
General Ver - Andros Hay

Photographers ★Studio Omoshiroi 
(有其他摄影师我没有List 出来 因为我很懒惰 呵呵)
(Some Photographers didn't list coz I lazy hehe)

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If you want to Pre-order  / Buy press below the link  to Play Asia booking 
Buy Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F (PS3)

以下更多 Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f 的周边产品和动漫~
More of the following Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!products and animation ~

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