Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rikka Takanashi Nite shooting~ [中二病晚场拍摄]

外拍时间 ~~
这次终于找到十花了 勇太也的空了 终于可以出我一直很想拍的晚上和十花打架的那一幕了 ~
终于找到十花姐姐大人了 Yeah !!~~~

Shooting time~
Finally find Touka and Yuuta finally have time to shooting
can shoot Rikka and Touka fighting scene hahaha
Touka Nee sama Finally find you Yeah!!~~~

到表妹家时还有时间  先在表妹家里开电脑和电话找中二的pose ==

Location at playground near by my cousin's house~
when we reach my cousin's house first thing we open computer and phone find pose . ==

因为是在晚上拍摄 所以亮度不够有点难拍
看到摄影师忙出忙进的在弄着 灯光的东西 真是不好意思><
很想帮忙 可是完全不会弄  


coz is night shooting  bright not sufficient difficult to shoot
Photographer very busy setting the light  feel embarrassed
we want to help but dunno how to set the light ><

Now I know at night shooting is very hard ....

虽然这一张有点模糊 ......请不要介意 >< (因为我只在FB拿得...)

I've always wanted to shoot this scene for a long time> / / / / / <
Really super like this one
Although this is a bit fuzzy ... > <~

Rikka Takanashi•♥•♠ Chelses Yuan♣•♦•
Togashi Yuuta•♥•♠Xiao feng♣•♦•
Touka Takanashi•♥•♠Xiao Shi Ng♣•♦•
Photographers : ★Razrig

oh ya~I make Chunnibyo video just 4 fun ~~

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If you want to Pre-order  / Buy press below the link  to Play Asia booking 

以下更多 中二病也要谈恋爱 的周边产品和动漫~
More of the following Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!products and animation ~

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(P/S: sorry everyone I know my English is very bad == but I will try to strengthen my English!!!)

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Keep up the good work=)
Dun worry about your English, it will improve as you practice it more often.

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