Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Acer Touch ~Aspire P3 and Aspire R7

Blog First talk later ,lol hahah I love this badge

I believe everyone know Acer new product Aspire P3 and Aspire R7
ya is Aspire Ultrabook and Aspire Notebook 
I like Aspire Notebook more then Ulteabook~
I first time seeing Notebook scree can move where angel you like to move 
it is so cool look very advanced
I super love ti /////

the acer stage, I like the stage design is so cool
and the screen is very nice when all blogger tweet and Instagram #myacertouch they will post at the screen for lucky draw .

Me and my sis ~

Acer MC I forget he name already 
but MC shushi hair is so geng hehehe ~~

and pretty  DJ 
I think pretty DJ is form Hong Kong
(if I guess wrong dun scold ah~)
I also forget her name already .......

the pretty DJ using Acer Aspire P3 
here below video 

Thank you nuffnang and sis invited me this event .
Actually I'm Acer fans coz I'm using Acer laptop also lol ~
Event is so fun this is my first time going Acer event.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Outing Time ~

Outing with BFF Esther  ~
So long time didn't go out 
 Feel long time didn't go out shopping and eat lunch already 
mom say me stay at home long time your head want growing mushrooms aly lol

we going pavilion had our lunch at The Press Room Bistro , Press Room Bistro restaurant feel very relax

Actually we are eating the set lunch 
Only RM29++ 

hehe my  lunch "Herb-crusted Black Bass with leek fondue and basil oil"
Fish meat my favorite >//////<

After lunch we going shopping lalala~
we going tokyo street buy some stuff

Sand Art first time watch 
it so cool  I think need some time to finish one bottle sand atr 
 artist is Very patient
but i like the sand art ~is so pretty 

I saw the line rabbit Fart pose so cute 
so I the same post with the rabbit lol hehehe~~

I buy some stuff from SASA,  tokyo street and forever 21
have been long time didn't buy new clothes.
At tokyo street I saw chocobi from crayon shin chan
so cute so I buy it ///

inside the chocobi box all is shin chan pic so cute ~
I love the sticker it is so kawaiii ~

at last we take instax photo at the click shop~~
happy time ~

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anko chan 馅子 ~

This time I do Anko chan cos test. 
Now I make Anko chan  cosplay make-up tutorial. 
This is my first time doing tutorial maybe have some photo will very blur.....

这一次我做了馅子的cos test 
所以就做了馅子cosplay 妆的教程~

First I will use Kila Doll Sakura Cream. 
Kila Doll Sakura Cream have moisturizing, whitening, and waterproof ,
And will not feel sticky.
The color is cherry pink use at dull skin will make shiny,  
Smells also cherry flavor oh ~
 Except can use at cosplay makeup and also can use at nude makeup.
I very love this Kila Doll Sakura Cream ///

 我先用Kila Doll Sakura Cream 
Kila Doll Sakura Cream 有保湿,美白,和防水防汗防功能
颜色是樱花粉色 所以擦在脸上会使暗沉的皮肤有光泽
除了可是用在cosplay 的妆 画淡妆的时时也是可以用~
所以我很喜欢Kila Doll Sakura Cream 白霜 真的超好用的

Kila Doll Sakura Cream can be purchased at the following URL.
Kila Doll Sakura Cream 在以下的网址购买

Second Step I use Candy Doll number 2 Concealer cover my Panda eyes dark circles,

过后我会用Candy Doll 2号 遮瑕膏来遮到我的黑眼圈

Candy Doll Concealer at SASA can buy it 
Candy Doll 遮瑕膏在本地的SASA店可以买到 

Step 3 M.A.C 2.0 Foundation.
Ya~ I know this M.A.C Cosmetic is expensive,
 but this M.A.C 2.0 Foundation very good to use have moisturizing function.
Because my skin is dry type, so I bought a moisturizing skin care and cosmetics. 

过后在用  M.A.C 2.0 Foundation 
这一瓶虽然很贵但是很好用 有保湿功能 
因为我的皮肤是干性的 所以我买的护肤和化妆品都是有保湿功能的

M.A.C 2.0 Foundation at M.A.C stores can buy it.
M.A.C 2.0 Foundation 在本地 M.A.C 专卖店有买

Next step is Powder Foundation.
I use Luview Crystal Mineral Pact Powder Foundation.
Luview Crystal Mineral Pact powder is very soft and pink also have spf25/ pa++

这次我用的是 Luview Crystal Mineral Pact 粉底
Luview Crystal Mineral Pact 的粉很粉嫩 还有spf25/ pa++

Eye shadow first I will use Light Beige
and then use Deep Brown on top of the upper lashes
Next use Light Deep Brown put on top of  Deep Brown seat 


Make significant Double Eyelid effect can use dark brown 


Eye shadow at Yuchain onlineShop can buy it 
眼影在Yuchain onlineShop 可以买到

Put On false eyelashes there will be a very obvious Double eyelid
Of course you can use a double-fold eyelid stickers make Double eyelid

This time I dun have draw eyeliner 
Because my eyes have put on the false eyelashes can make my eyes enlarged
Anko chan  is 9 years old pupils I do not want to draw my eyes so big 
will look so strange

False Eyelashes do not too thick and too long, just natural lash
natural lash will make your eyes more lovely


我没有画眼线 因为我的眼睛带上了睫毛就有双眼+放大眼
馅子是9岁小学生 我不想把眼睛画的太大

假睫毛不要带太浓和太长 只要带自然系睫毛的就好了

here anko chan makeup is complete~

馅子酱的妆完成 ~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Every time my mom and sis always say my thing so many want me clear up =w=llll
Sis every time complain my book so many  
Maybe my book is so many .... coz when I going kinokuniya or book shop will buy some manga, taiwan blogger book, magizen, novel etc....
(Coz I like book shaped thing lol~~~ )
So today I start clear my book first ........when I take out all my book .....
is ok la not so many hahaha

some album and game but I think manga is so many =w=
actually I always put my manga at floor 

and Japan NewType (manga magazine) , popteen (fashion and make-up magazine )
and free poster
I think some magazine want to throw liao

My Lovely Bioshock 2 Limited Edition and big daddy doll 
(but is second hand one the price very cheap )
opened before the cover so many dust....

Finally clear up ~
here is part of manga only the other room have more manga and book didn't clear up yet =P

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kurumi (Date A Live) ~ Cos test

Tokisaki Kurumi Cos test ~
Feel long time didn't do Cos test already lol
But this is uniform ver.... now I need to save money so I use Rikka uniform change to Kurumi uniform
(if u have Rikka uniform oso can try to make)
Rikka uniform button is gold color so I use silver pigment to change the color .
Wig I use Anko chan from Tmako market ~ 

Maybe the pocket will litter bit different but I think is ok =w=
But now the problem is I dun have skirt and school badge....
I hope I have sewing machine to sewing the skirt  ><

I tie my wig will become like this ~
but the eyes I use Light Room do some edit. Coz kurumi red eye is all full red color.

This year is second time cos One-eyed character lol .

More of the following "Date A Live " products, animation and game~

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic " Morgiana Face

Hi guys today I wanna post about "Morgiana Face"
Since I watch "Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic " I Very like Magi all characters and the story.
The story is Awesome!!!! If want to know the story go and watch Magi Anime or read manga ~heheh 

But now I want do "Morgiana Face" ~
Morgiana Face is very cute when she mad and happy always do the chabi face . @)~(@
I very like her chabi face and her beautiful dance. 
Hope I can learn the dance and cos morgiana dance ver make morgiana dance video ////
Unfortunately I dunno the dance name ...... maybe is traditional lndian dance ?
But traditional lndian dance only shake the butt @w@llllll

Morgiana Chabi Face ~
So cute it is ?!////

So I make The Morgiana chabi face to~~
but I dun have red wig so I use Light Room to edit my hair became red color~
Maybe my edit have some mistake.....
Just make Morgiana chabi face for fun hehe///

P/S: I hope everyone can read my English cos now I very lazy type Chinese~ 

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Blood Lad ~

 Blood Lad 要出动漫 
去年开始看漫画 起初看还是很不错 看下去还紧张
(有些地方蛮像 《潜行吧!奈亚子》 一个是在外星一个是在魔界...)

Blood Lad Anime is coning soon
when I hear the news I very excited ~~~
Last year I start read blood lad comic is very nervous and funny 
(Some quite like "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san" Nyatuko is alien Blood lad is Devil world   ...)

Blood Lad 最吸引我的地方是 女主冬实竟然会被食人花吃剩骨头 
漫画也更新到第八集了 现在很想冲去买了><
很期待七月的新番 七月的新番好像很多我很想看的都有 

I like the the story part is the piranha eating Fuyumi Yanagi (Blood lad heroine)
Yanagi become a ghost I very like this part >//<
But Staz super Otaku ~~
I can't wait July new anime
July so many new anime want to watch ><

The below is blood lab First PV~ 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

05052013 5月5日~~

在Facebook也看到了很多人去投票了 一开Facebook就看到很多很拍他们被涂黑的手指~
虽然我也想试试看被涂得感觉 LOL
现在只是希望不要发生任何冲突就好了 ~

This year May 5 is our country general election
When I open my Facebook see many people go to vote coz I see many friends or Facebook friend take photo with they finger
I also want to vote but I under the age still can't vote
Hope dun want have any Conflict~

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