Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kurumi (Date A Live) ~ Cos test

Tokisaki Kurumi Cos test ~
Feel long time didn't do Cos test already lol
But this is uniform ver.... now I need to save money so I use Rikka uniform change to Kurumi uniform
(if u have Rikka uniform oso can try to make)
Rikka uniform button is gold color so I use silver pigment to change the color .
Wig I use Anko chan from Tmako market ~ 

Maybe the pocket will litter bit different but I think is ok =w=
But now the problem is I dun have skirt and school badge....
I hope I have sewing machine to sewing the skirt  ><

I tie my wig will become like this ~
but the eyes I use Light Room do some edit. Coz kurumi red eye is all full red color.

This year is second time cos One-eyed character lol .

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xxsupernoid1 said...

you did great!

chelsesyuan said...

Thank you ^^

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the wig? i love your cosplay *o* (i don't speak english sorry )

chelsesyuan said...

Thank You nice to meet you > ////< the wig i buy from taobao ~

chelsesyuan said...

U can speak Chinese ^^

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