Monday, May 13, 2013

"Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic " Morgiana Face

Hi guys today I wanna post about "Morgiana Face"
Since I watch "Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic " I Very like Magi all characters and the story.
The story is Awesome!!!! If want to know the story go and watch Magi Anime or read manga ~heheh 

But now I want do "Morgiana Face" ~
Morgiana Face is very cute when she mad and happy always do the chabi face . @)~(@
I very like her chabi face and her beautiful dance. 
Hope I can learn the dance and cos morgiana dance ver make morgiana dance video ////
Unfortunately I dunno the dance name ...... maybe is traditional lndian dance ?
But traditional lndian dance only shake the butt @w@llllll

Morgiana Chabi Face ~
So cute it is ?!////

So I make The Morgiana chabi face to~~
but I dun have red wig so I use Light Room to edit my hair became red color~
Maybe my edit have some mistake.....
Just make Morgiana chabi face for fun hehe///

P/S: I hope everyone can read my English cos now I very lazy type Chinese~ 

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1 comment:

Michael Tang said...

nice chabi face~~hehehe XD

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