Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Acer Touch ~Aspire P3 and Aspire R7

Blog First talk later ,lol hahah I love this badge

I believe everyone know Acer new product Aspire P3 and Aspire R7
ya is Aspire Ultrabook and Aspire Notebook 
I like Aspire Notebook more then Ulteabook~
I first time seeing Notebook scree can move where angel you like to move 
it is so cool look very advanced
I super love ti /////

the acer stage, I like the stage design is so cool
and the screen is very nice when all blogger tweet and Instagram #myacertouch they will post at the screen for lucky draw .

Me and my sis ~

Acer MC I forget he name already 
but MC shushi hair is so geng hehehe ~~

and pretty  DJ 
I think pretty DJ is form Hong Kong
(if I guess wrong dun scold ah~)
I also forget her name already .......

the pretty DJ using Acer Aspire P3 
here below video 

Thank you nuffnang and sis invited me this event .
Actually I'm Acer fans coz I'm using Acer laptop also lol ~
Event is so fun this is my first time going Acer event.  

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