Friday, May 24, 2013

Outing Time ~

Outing with BFF Esther  ~
So long time didn't go out 
 Feel long time didn't go out shopping and eat lunch already 
mom say me stay at home long time your head want growing mushrooms aly lol

we going pavilion had our lunch at The Press Room Bistro , Press Room Bistro restaurant feel very relax

Actually we are eating the set lunch 
Only RM29++ 

hehe my  lunch "Herb-crusted Black Bass with leek fondue and basil oil"
Fish meat my favorite >//////<

After lunch we going shopping lalala~
we going tokyo street buy some stuff

Sand Art first time watch 
it so cool  I think need some time to finish one bottle sand atr 
 artist is Very patient
but i like the sand art ~is so pretty 

I saw the line rabbit Fart pose so cute 
so I the same post with the rabbit lol hehehe~~

I buy some stuff from SASA,  tokyo street and forever 21
have been long time didn't buy new clothes.
At tokyo street I saw chocobi from crayon shin chan
so cute so I buy it ///

inside the chocobi box all is shin chan pic so cute ~
I love the sticker it is so kawaiii ~

at last we take instax photo at the click shop~~
happy time ~

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