Saturday, June 29, 2013

Levain Restaurant ~

On Wednesday, my friends and I went to eat dinner in a restaurant called Levain This restaurant so beautiful is France taste hahaha When I go in, I feel like France////// Second floor, there is good to shoot Totori Atelier similar roles (=p Many formatting all kinds of cakes and every color of Macaroons >//w//< I'd want to eat Macaroons!!!!!!

星期三我和朋友去了一间餐厅叫 Levain 的晚餐吃东西
这一家餐厅里很美 很有法国的味道 哈哈哈
第二楼那里 很适合拍 Totori Atelier  类似的角色 (完全进入找地方外拍状态了 =p

里面很多格式各样的蛋糕和个中各样颜色的马卡龙 >//w//<

今天我是来吃东西不是来外拍 ~
所以我点了 蘑菇意大利面  还有加了辣椒酱吧....... (我不是很清楚那是辣椒酱还是Sambar
不过混在一起超好吃的  )@)w(@(

有去吃的朋友一定要叫来吃 !!!! XD

Today I came here to eat, dun hav do any shooting ~
So I ordered the mushroom Spaghetti also added chili sauce? ... .... (I'm not sure that is a chili sauce or a Sambar
But mixed in with the Spaghetti are Super tasty) @) w (@ (

Eating time ~ ~>///////////<

我开动了 ~>///////////<

No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Malaysia  Phone: +603 2142 6611 
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ok now Malaysia are so much haze right now  ~  and nearby my house budding and mountain are gone    (wow look like end of the world ) not good for me to do shooting and go out at this week ..... I will GG coz my body will very easy getting sick ....

If someone want to doing cos shooting I will recommend you cos "Silent Hill " monster, now our country look like Silent Hill haha after shooting u will getting sick like zombie.  ~ (Devil Smile)

But now I'm getting sick now *cough* but I think I will be ok soon haha~
now before going to work I need to wear the mask hahaha
wear mask go out look so creepy hahaha feel like stalker lol hehe~

Oh I at youtube find one video "Save Malaysia From Haze"
I think you all people know who is Joseph Germani  
I like he video so much coz he video is very funny haha

P/S : Drink more water and wear mask before going out if not u will getting sick like me hahaha ~ take care yourself ~

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kuroneko school Uniform ver shooting ~

This time Shooting Kuroneko school Uniform ver ~
This time shooting my lip is very GG
coz the stupid ulcer in my mouth ><
Actually I'm tired LOL but is ok must do finish this shooting !!! if can't finish the shooting will feel guilty hahaha ~

终于可以外拍黑猫校服版了 ~
可是我的嘴唇很糟糕 因为前几天生暗疮 (我们时常说的嘴里生白点...)
拍照的时候我的嘴唇很GG TwT
其实这次的外拍我的确很累 哈哈哈 ~不过还是很努力完成这一次的外拍不然自己会觉得很罪恶 哈哈哈 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

C2age Day 2~

Finally My Madoka cos is come up da da da da ~
Actually C2age day 2 My cos make-up is very GG..
My face look like sad Madoka in this cos make-up lol
coz Madoka stuff all at last minute doing.... I really confused to cut the wig, dunno want cut V hair style or flat bangs.. but I choose V hair style ~ cos V hair style look batter I guess ~ 

Yap Reika, Alodia, Ashley and Clive now in the stage 
but I can't go in the stage to see them coz I miss up the time 
when I found the stage ....the fans meeting finish already.TwT

(One thing I very dun like is C2age guest BODYGUARD !!!They Attitude very Bad and No Manners!! )

OK this time I can shown inside the event 
thank my friend Kido help me take photo hahaha

Day 2 meet many friend XD my Madoka group ~Love both of you
my Partner Felicia (Mami Tomoe) and Eclari (Homura Akemi)

Me And Kinoko ~
(she is so cute want take her home already ////)

Me and Alistair 

 Xiao Shi Ng and 噪音
(Xiao Shi I want see your cos Mikasa why u change your wig TT)

Angie and Ying Tze ~
(we meet again but so sad can't see Ying Tze cosplay ~)

Me and Yukito ~

Me and Nero ~

Neko Tenshi
(she cute right ~//////)

The shooting and rest time photo ~
it so fun cosplay with my friends haha, hope next time can cos together 

The photo Sample ~
will update at my Facebook Page and Cos*Photo

My brother get signatures from Reika, Ayase, Alodia and Ashley~
Reika signature so cute /// hav happy face ~thank my brother can giv me poes the signature at my blog haha
and Thank for the cos card /////~

Monday, June 10, 2013

C2age Day 1 ~

Finally going C2age yeah ~~~
wait very long time already lol
but at day 1 I dun hav take any photo at Inside event
(coz inside event so many people lazy take pic lol )
Day 1 I cosplay Amnesia heroine with my partner Nero and my cousin~

(me and my friend photo)

Actually I just walking around and taking photo with friends ///
so sad can't take photo with Alodia and her sister Ashley TT
but nvm hehehe
coz my Jie Jie Yuki Christy help me take Alodia cos card and signature for me so happy X///D

Long time didn't meet Razrig how are u ~lol hahaha
My sis say Razrig very cute haha maybe Razrig have long hair I guess ~
At last we taking shooting at Event ~
later I will upload at my Cos photo album hehe ~

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

C2age coming soon ~

June 8th - 9th C2age Event is coming ,this is I first time go to C2age Event 
Last year C2age  too far from my house so did not go......but This year in HELP University.
expectancy everyone cosplay and that day event 

六月8-9 号 C2age 到临,今年我还是第一次去C2age ///
去年的C2age 离我家太远了所以没有去到... 今年的是在 HELP University
很期待大家的cosplay 和那天的节目 
也很期待和大家和有人见面 >/////< 

This year C2age hav invited 7 Guests ~~
The first one is come from Japan cosplayer ~~
I think everyone know her right hehehe
Reika sama is coming at the year C2gae ////// 
2 .is our country cartoonist Kaoru and Keith
3 cosplayer Clive Lee from Singapore
4. our country cosplayer Ayashe chan
The last is my favorite Philippines cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao  and her sister Ashley Gosiengfiao .

今年的C2age 邀请了7个嘉宾很多哦~
就是来自日本 cosplayer Reika Sama~
2.来自我国的漫画家 Kaoru 和 Keith
3.来自新加坡的 cosplayer Clive Lee 
 4.来自我国cosplayer A神 Ayase Chan
最后是我最喜欢的 Gosiengfiao 姐妹 来自菲律宾 cosplayer  Alodia 和 她的妹妹 Ashley

"I sell a photoBook in Malaysia on June 8 and 9th.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I sell this photograph collection even in Myanmar and Singapore.
Please let me have a little more time."
from Reika<<< 
{click on the name can go to Reika FB page }
{点击名字可以到Reika FB Page}

No.1: RM55
No.2: RM42
No.3: RM16

Want to know more information click on the  C2age FB / Official website Link

~想要知道更多的`消息点击以下C2age FB/首页网址~

Official website /首页:

what you waiting for~~~// 
This time's c2age how can be miss it!! XDD


at c2age day 1 I will cosplay heroine day 2 is Madoka school ver ~ 
Welcome to say "HI" to me and exchange / take coscard ^ ^
see you soon XD

以上照片是我会在C2age 两天会出的角色~
欢迎大家来打钩和交换/拿 coscard ^^
那天见啦 XD

Monday, June 3, 2013

Leisure mall Cosplay Competition ~

Saturday going Cosplay Competition at Leisure mall~~
actually going there I want meet Eclair & 秋本颖 and my BFF
but I only meet my BFF... Eclair & 秋本颖 Didn't  see them...
But I a lot friend ~haha

Me and my BFF Esther ~
at behind the guy is so so "shine" lol

watching finish yuki perform I go Shushi King have some Launch whit my BFF  ~

SASHIMI SET ~~ Long time haven't eat SASHIMI already ~////////

After finish launch we go back the Competition site, coz i want to know which cosplayer will get 1th .
The MC say The 1th cosplayer will Continue the final Competition at japan....
 actually I only hear "Japan" and "Best.....Cosplayer " word only ...... 

Congratulation!!!~~the 5 best cosplayer ~
Kobato is so cute//////

haha Kawaii Kobato ~
why I did't cos sena that day TT~

pretty Yuki she cosing Tifa form FFVII ~~

at last the love-f~u  photo~
the love-f~u Yuki and Yukito ~
sorry photo blur ~

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amnesia shooting~

Make up for shooting long time didn't do shooting ~
Actually that day shooting is very super hot day !!!!! but lucky that day dun hav raining~
so we going Putrajaya Taman Botani to shot ,
the place is so pretty /////

I use red circle the place we shooting... only part for the garden,
go back home check the  Taman Botani map is quite big 
I think some place can shot other character, saw one place at Explorer Trall  look like parasite eve 2 laboratory place lol~
(if this garden can open at night I will night shot at here hehehe)


after I finish my makeup,
I start my solo shot first .....
 coz I forget bring my mirror so nero borrow mirror for me.
 so I wasted nero time doing his makeup ><
(in the photo the lag is Takara lag~)

Shooting Rest Time~

After shooting at Taman Botani we need to go second place Putrajaya Seaside shooting.
(I think is Seaside ..... nvm I dunno the place name..haha) 
But that day hav event BIG Event.... I dunno what big event la ~
so police are blocking the way + the road is jam like crazy !!
we planning change place to shot.
Takara told us hav some place is very nice to shooting at sunset
but I dunno the place name coz is shop building.....I think ....
I like that place is so pretty when taking sunset .

Actually I want to Thank Nero invite me this cos plan and shooting ~
also the Photographer Takara and Yukito haha 

Finish shooting we meet Alex and Ash 
than we go eat some yummy dinner at kenny rogers~~~

Thank You~~

Heroine •♥•♠ Chelses Yuan♣•♦•
Ukyo •♥•♠ Nero ♣•♦•

Photographer  Yukito Tey
            ★ Takara

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