Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amnesia shooting~

Make up for shooting long time didn't do shooting ~
Actually that day shooting is very super hot day !!!!! but lucky that day dun hav raining~
so we going Putrajaya Taman Botani to shot ,
the place is so pretty /////

I use red circle the place we shooting... only part for the garden,
go back home check the  Taman Botani map is quite big 
I think some place can shot other character, saw one place at Explorer Trall  look like parasite eve 2 laboratory place lol~
(if this garden can open at night I will night shot at here hehehe)


after I finish my makeup,
I start my solo shot first .....
 coz I forget bring my mirror so nero borrow mirror for me.
 so I wasted nero time doing his makeup ><
(in the photo the lag is Takara lag~)

Shooting Rest Time~

After shooting at Taman Botani we need to go second place Putrajaya Seaside shooting.
(I think is Seaside ..... nvm I dunno the place name..haha) 
But that day hav event BIG Event.... I dunno what big event la ~
so police are blocking the way + the road is jam like crazy !!
we planning change place to shot.
Takara told us hav some place is very nice to shooting at sunset
but I dunno the place name coz is shop building.....I think ....
I like that place is so pretty when taking sunset .

Actually I want to Thank Nero invite me this cos plan and shooting ~
also the Photographer Takara and Yukito haha 

Finish shooting we meet Alex and Ash 
than we go eat some yummy dinner at kenny rogers~~~

Thank You~~

Heroine •♥•♠ Chelses Yuan♣•♦•
Ukyo •♥•♠ Nero ♣•♦•

Photographer  Yukito Tey
            ★ Takara

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