Wednesday, June 5, 2013

C2age coming soon ~

June 8th - 9th C2age Event is coming ,this is I first time go to C2age Event 
Last year C2age  too far from my house so did not go......but This year in HELP University.
expectancy everyone cosplay and that day event 

六月8-9 号 C2age 到临,今年我还是第一次去C2age ///
去年的C2age 离我家太远了所以没有去到... 今年的是在 HELP University
很期待大家的cosplay 和那天的节目 
也很期待和大家和有人见面 >/////< 

This year C2age hav invited 7 Guests ~~
The first one is come from Japan cosplayer ~~
I think everyone know her right hehehe
Reika sama is coming at the year C2gae ////// 
2 .is our country cartoonist Kaoru and Keith
3 cosplayer Clive Lee from Singapore
4. our country cosplayer Ayashe chan
The last is my favorite Philippines cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao  and her sister Ashley Gosiengfiao .

今年的C2age 邀请了7个嘉宾很多哦~
就是来自日本 cosplayer Reika Sama~
2.来自我国的漫画家 Kaoru 和 Keith
3.来自新加坡的 cosplayer Clive Lee 
 4.来自我国cosplayer A神 Ayase Chan
最后是我最喜欢的 Gosiengfiao 姐妹 来自菲律宾 cosplayer  Alodia 和 她的妹妹 Ashley

"I sell a photoBook in Malaysia on June 8 and 9th.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I sell this photograph collection even in Myanmar and Singapore.
Please let me have a little more time."
from Reika<<< 
{click on the name can go to Reika FB page }
{点击名字可以到Reika FB Page}

No.1: RM55
No.2: RM42
No.3: RM16

Want to know more information click on the  C2age FB / Official website Link

~想要知道更多的`消息点击以下C2age FB/首页网址~

Official website /首页:

what you waiting for~~~// 
This time's c2age how can be miss it!! XDD


at c2age day 1 I will cosplay heroine day 2 is Madoka school ver ~ 
Welcome to say "HI" to me and exchange / take coscard ^ ^
see you soon XD

以上照片是我会在C2age 两天会出的角色~
欢迎大家来打钩和交换/拿 coscard ^^
那天见啦 XD

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