Monday, June 10, 2013

C2age Day 1 ~

Finally going C2age yeah ~~~
wait very long time already lol
but at day 1 I dun hav take any photo at Inside event
(coz inside event so many people lazy take pic lol )
Day 1 I cosplay Amnesia heroine with my partner Nero and my cousin~

(me and my friend photo)

Actually I just walking around and taking photo with friends ///
so sad can't take photo with Alodia and her sister Ashley TT
but nvm hehehe
coz my Jie Jie Yuki Christy help me take Alodia cos card and signature for me so happy X///D

Long time didn't meet Razrig how are u ~lol hahaha
My sis say Razrig very cute haha maybe Razrig have long hair I guess ~
At last we taking shooting at Event ~
later I will upload at my Cos photo album hehe ~

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