Thursday, June 13, 2013

C2age Day 2~

Finally My Madoka cos is come up da da da da ~
Actually C2age day 2 My cos make-up is very GG..
My face look like sad Madoka in this cos make-up lol
coz Madoka stuff all at last minute doing.... I really confused to cut the wig, dunno want cut V hair style or flat bangs.. but I choose V hair style ~ cos V hair style look batter I guess ~ 

Yap Reika, Alodia, Ashley and Clive now in the stage 
but I can't go in the stage to see them coz I miss up the time 
when I found the stage ....the fans meeting finish already.TwT

(One thing I very dun like is C2age guest BODYGUARD !!!They Attitude very Bad and No Manners!! )

OK this time I can shown inside the event 
thank my friend Kido help me take photo hahaha

Day 2 meet many friend XD my Madoka group ~Love both of you
my Partner Felicia (Mami Tomoe) and Eclari (Homura Akemi)

Me And Kinoko ~
(she is so cute want take her home already ////)

Me and Alistair 

 Xiao Shi Ng and 噪音
(Xiao Shi I want see your cos Mikasa why u change your wig TT)

Angie and Ying Tze ~
(we meet again but so sad can't see Ying Tze cosplay ~)

Me and Yukito ~

Me and Nero ~

Neko Tenshi
(she cute right ~//////)

The shooting and rest time photo ~
it so fun cosplay with my friends haha, hope next time can cos together 

The photo Sample ~
will update at my Facebook Page and Cos*Photo

My brother get signatures from Reika, Ayase, Alodia and Ashley~
Reika signature so cute /// hav happy face ~thank my brother can giv me poes the signature at my blog haha
and Thank for the cos card /////~

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