Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ok now Malaysia are so much haze right now  ~  and nearby my house budding and mountain are gone    (wow look like end of the world ) not good for me to do shooting and go out at this week ..... I will GG coz my body will very easy getting sick ....

If someone want to doing cos shooting I will recommend you cos "Silent Hill " monster, now our country look like Silent Hill haha after shooting u will getting sick like zombie.  ~ (Devil Smile)

But now I'm getting sick now *cough* but I think I will be ok soon haha~
now before going to work I need to wear the mask hahaha
wear mask go out look so creepy hahaha feel like stalker lol hehe~

Oh I at youtube find one video "Save Malaysia From Haze"
I think you all people know who is Joseph Germani  
I like he video so much coz he video is very funny haha

P/S : Drink more water and wear mask before going out if not u will getting sick like me hahaha ~ take care yourself ~

1 comment:

Akimoto Ying said...

u will be ok, sempai >.<
kamisama will take care of u

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