Monday, June 3, 2013

Leisure mall Cosplay Competition ~

Saturday going Cosplay Competition at Leisure mall~~
actually going there I want meet Eclair & 秋本颖 and my BFF
but I only meet my BFF... Eclair & 秋本颖 Didn't  see them...
But I a lot friend ~haha

Me and my BFF Esther ~
at behind the guy is so so "shine" lol

watching finish yuki perform I go Shushi King have some Launch whit my BFF  ~

SASHIMI SET ~~ Long time haven't eat SASHIMI already ~////////

After finish launch we go back the Competition site, coz i want to know which cosplayer will get 1th .
The MC say The 1th cosplayer will Continue the final Competition at japan....
 actually I only hear "Japan" and "Best.....Cosplayer " word only ...... 

Congratulation!!!~~the 5 best cosplayer ~
Kobato is so cute//////

haha Kawaii Kobato ~
why I did't cos sena that day TT~

pretty Yuki she cosing Tifa form FFVII ~~

at last the love-f~u  photo~
the love-f~u Yuki and Yukito ~
sorry photo blur ~

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