Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mirai Suenaga Shooting ~*Cosplay*~

So at Sunday I have shooting.... Ya is Mirai Suenaga Shooting///
We shooting at Putrajaya xxx place ..... actually I dunno the place name only know at Putrajaya lol
but I saw a building look like UFO nearby there =_= is really look like UFO in my opinion...
whatever I love this place//// I think at night can shoot K project neko at here hahah
should I start make neko costume now?
I think should start prepare now ...

*prepare shooting *

Call Me Devil Mirai hahahaha.....
ok just kidding XD
coz my face at this photo look so evil... So I draw something in the photo become Devil Mirai ///

Hope my sis see this photo dun kill me ==llll
coz the Moekana is my sis stuff.....


Mirai Suenaga
Photographer : Razrig

 If you want see more photo please click below the link ~

More Photo ~

CosplayFB(page) ~

Chelses Yuan

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slender man The Eight Pages ~

Hey guys ~ This time I going to play Slender Man The Eight Pages hahahha ..ya this game is suck for me~
I very hate slender man == but anyway I already collect all 8 note hahaha wanna know ending...go play yourself. The ending is good ending ? I Guess...
but after collect all 8 note second time I can't collect all note so sad *bubu*
is so hard to collect all note.......This is my first time collect all note !!!!!! hahahaha I should record it when I collect all the note LOL

If you guys want to play this game at your computer can click below the link and download~

and below the video is me playing slender man errrmmm just try the new software I download ... maybe my English Speaking is not very good but hope your guys enjoy it... and bye ~

Chelses Yuan

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shingeki no kyojin Christa Renz Makeup ~

Christa Renz I'll cos her soon/// but only shooting haha. I very lazy cos at event ..I dun want bring weapon go event. Coz the weapon look so complicated.

I very like her maybe she is the one litter goddess in Shingeki no kyojin and she is the kind person in Shingeki no kyojin character. When I read manga all character face look so creepy and cool except Christa.

And I very hope can shooting whit Shingeki no kyojin big group cos///but I think is very hard to find...coz everyone want cos main character ... so I give up to find Shingeki no kyojin big group cos, Because now I finally find my lovely Ymir wahahahaha.
My friend Amber will cos my lovely Ymir //// kekeke so I very expect this shooting hahaha .

I have make some video "My Christa Renz Makeup from shingeki no kyojin"
Just want to show how I make Christa Renz Makeup... but my camera quality very bad + I dunno how edit video ==.......but hope you all like it~

And I so sorry if you dun understand chinese......

More of the following "Shingeki no Kyojinproducts and games at play asia ~

Chelses Yuan

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card ~

Guess what ~Monday I going my lovely book shop Kinokuniya ////
and one thing want to do is .......I want to apply Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card !
the card is sooooooo cute is mirai -chan  love her so much >////<

so I buy finish my costume materials and go to Kinokuniya with sis and her boyfriend ==''' why I always doing spotlight.......

But NVM! just apply my Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card ! Haha I want kinokuniya member card coz buying book got Discount !!! Yeah ~~~

When I walking to kinokuniya front door 
I saw many mirai- chan products at left side *///w///* OMG so cute can I take her home?! ////

Ok is time go to Apply my Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card ////

*Application Form*

*Moekana and Moekanji*

I saw Shin chan Japanese manga and Ranma 1/2 Japanese manga is Danny Choo's selection titles 

I'm finally apply my cute Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card
If you want to apply 
Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card faster go KLCC Kinokuniya apply it X//D
coz  Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Privilege card is limited edition ~

and below I have record some video at Kinokuniya ~ just for fun XD

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Super Sonico Shooting

It's COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we do sonico shooting at Sunday morning ....but I dunno that day weather very cold !!! feel like we go genting shooting .... 
I wearing the jacket also feel COLD!!! but weather you can't stop me doing this shooting...Just hope dun rain.

很冷啊 !!!!!!!!
星期日早上 有外拍 索尼子..... 但是那天早上的天气很冷啊!!!! 感觉好像去到了云顶外拍.....
穿着外套都会感觉很冷!!! 但是天气你是不能阻止我的外拍.....只是祈祷不要下雨就可以了

and I meet one friend at this shooting 
Nice to meet you Amberazi hehe but I think you at Singapore now~
Thank you doing saikang that day..and thank you your shushi XD
next time I will Belanja you and Razrig lol

很高兴认识了 Amberazi , 但是我想她现在应该是在新加坡了~
谢谢你那天当助手 也很谢谢你请我吃寿司
下次我一定会请会你和 Razrig 吃东西 哈哈 .

weather very cold !!! But we finally finish the shooting ~~Yeah ~
Oh ya thank you Fujiwara and Weon Haur
If want see more photo click below the link ~

虽然天气很冷!!! 但是还是把摄影完成了 ~~ yeah ~
对了 我还要感谢 Fujiwara 和 Weon Haur
如果要看更多的照片请按以下的网址谢谢 ~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vocaloid Pool Party~

Guess what I finally can cosplay Kagamine Rin //// Yeah ~
I very look forward this shooting Coz the shooting place at pool !!!!!//// can play water gun !
Thank Yonnie Invite me this shooting ~

But at this shooting I worry about one thing is my bikini ==
Before my mom have borrow my bikini .....when I wear my bikini is loose so at shooting time I very afraid my bikini will fall... But fortunately did not happen.
I think I have to fix the bikini now

很开心我终于可以Cosplay 镜音姐姐了 /////// ~
我很期待这一场外拍 因为地点是在泳池!!!!!///// 可以玩水枪!
很感谢 Yonnie 邀请我参与这一场外怕.

在这一场外拍我最担心的是我的 Bikini ==
之前有借过给我妈妈穿....当我穿的时候感觉很松. 很担心会掉下来
我看时候修理下我的 bikini 了.....哈哈~

with my Brother Len////
Photo By kokin

Photo By A.R.C

Sorry guys I take photo at FB 
coz I can't wait to blog ~


Vocaloid Pool Party Cosplayer

Kaito -夏雨天
Miku -Dora
Luka -xiiao qing 
Rin -Chelses
Len -冼阳
Gumi -Yonnie

Photographer : A.R.C, Michael Tang , XTT, Michael ooi
Saikang:  lee, kokin 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream ~

OMG Finally I can eat Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream !!!!! YA HOOOOOOOOOO~
I've been waiting for a long time!!!! First time I come here they say the Ice cream out of stock that time I so sad TwT 
But hehehe Finally I CAN EAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel so happy now hahaha 

Guess what flavor I eat ......
I choose Banana flavor but when I hear the stuff say "can choose Ice creme color" that time my head so many doubt??? Ice creme can change color ~ 
so I choose pink color and add some marshmallow
but look so weird.... look like strawberry flavor Actually is banana flavor. 

Ooh My Gas cute logo~~ 

Ordering step 1 need to choose a base, either ice cream, gelato or soy milk.
Step 2 determine your flavor  " white chocolate, grape, pineapple, banana & etc..."
and color "Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, & etc.. "
Step 3 decide on toppings "cashews, pistachios, corn flakes, Reese's, Oreos, marshmallows & etc.."

And they will combine step 1 and step 2 in the Nitrogen Machine / Gas Machine ?

Step 3 they will put the marshmallow on the top ~
At last you can eat the Ice Cream hahahaha~

Ooh My Gas OMG Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, 
Level 1, Pavilion Shopping Mall, 
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

末永未來 末永みらい Mirai Suenaga ~

Finally can cosplay Mirai Suenaga we all know who Danny Choo is it ~ (but me and my sis maybe will cosplay Suenaga sister /////)

Mirai Suenaga design by Danny Choo and Azami Yuko also can say Danny Choo is Mirai Suenaga father, haha ~

终于可以出 末永未來 了 大家都知道Danny Choo 是谁吧 ~
(不过迟一点会和我姐姐出 末永姐妹 /////)

Danny Choo 和 Azami Yuko 共同设定 末永未來 的人 也可以说 Danny Choo 是 末永未來 父亲吧 哈哈~

Me and sis love watching anime when we still child. Of course, we also like Japan stuff etc. At that time my sister and I love to read Danny Choo blog almost every day to see if any updates Coz Danny Choo's blog about many Japan anime stuff ... we very Interested ~~ that time we meet lovely and cute Mirai Suenaga ////
Mirai Suenaga is Danny Choo blog mascots and also our country Penang State mascots of the Penang tourism
Since that time sister and I really want to go to Japan >///<

我们俩姐妹小时候就很喜欢看动漫 当然也对日本的生活很感兴趣 
那个时候 姐姐和我都超喜欢看 Danny Choo 的部落格 差不多每天都会去看看有没有更新 
因为 Danny Choo 的部落格讲很多日本 动漫 等的东西......

当然也认识了可爱的 末永未來
末永未來 是 Danny Choo 部落格的吉祥物 现在也是我国槟城州的旅游也吉祥物
自从那时候我和姐姐都很想去日本 可是要等到几时我们两姐妹才可以去到日本啊~~~

and we start collecting Mirai Suenaga products. 
or you all can say me and sis are Mirai fans hahahaha

Mirai Suenaga recently become smart doll when I saw Danny Choo in the production of the Mirai Suenaga smart doll super excited //////
Hoping can meet a real Mirai smart doll 

below is Mirai Suenaga Smart doll Video 

也不只几时开始 末永未來 的周边也越来越多了 
也可是说我们两姐妹超迷 末永未來 哈哈哈

最近 末永未來 变成智慧娃娃了 当我看到Danny Choo 在制作 末永未來 智慧娃娃的时候超级兴奋没有像到第一只智慧娃娃竟然是 末永未來 ////// 太可爱了
希望能看到真正的 末永未來 智慧娃娃

以下是 末永未來 智慧娃娃的影片

Hope can met Mirai Suenaga smart doll and take photo with her/////

Culture Japan Convention will be held at Penang SQCC ~
I will go XD ~  maybe will go back my hometown two weeks hahaha
will be back before AMG event ~

真的很希望可以和 末永未來 智慧娃娃合照//////

Culture Japan Convention 即将会在槟城 SQCC 举办~
当然我也有去 ~ 毕竟那里是我的家乡 可能会回去两个星期哈哈哈
AMG event 前会回来~

 For more details at

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