Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mirai Suenaga Shooting ~*Cosplay*~

So at Sunday I have shooting.... Ya is Mirai Suenaga Shooting///
We shooting at Putrajaya xxx place ..... actually I dunno the place name only know at Putrajaya lol
but I saw a building look like UFO nearby there =_= is really look like UFO in my opinion...
whatever I love this place//// I think at night can shoot K project neko at here hahah
should I start make neko costume now?
I think should start prepare now ...

*prepare shooting *

Call Me Devil Mirai hahahaha.....
ok just kidding XD
coz my face at this photo look so evil... So I draw something in the photo become Devil Mirai ///

Hope my sis see this photo dun kill me ==llll
coz the Moekana is my sis stuff.....


Mirai Suenaga
Photographer : Razrig

 If you want see more photo please click below the link ~

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CosplayFB(page) ~

Chelses Yuan


Yomi said...

So cute cosplay =)

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Ridley Jing said...

ahhhhhh! my cards!

chelsesyuan said...

@yomi thank you I like your blog to /////

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