Wednesday, July 3, 2013

末永未來 末永みらい Mirai Suenaga ~

Finally can cosplay Mirai Suenaga we all know who Danny Choo is it ~ (but me and my sis maybe will cosplay Suenaga sister /////)

Mirai Suenaga design by Danny Choo and Azami Yuko also can say Danny Choo is Mirai Suenaga father, haha ~

终于可以出 末永未來 了 大家都知道Danny Choo 是谁吧 ~
(不过迟一点会和我姐姐出 末永姐妹 /////)

Danny Choo 和 Azami Yuko 共同设定 末永未來 的人 也可以说 Danny Choo 是 末永未來 父亲吧 哈哈~

Me and sis love watching anime when we still child. Of course, we also like Japan stuff etc. At that time my sister and I love to read Danny Choo blog almost every day to see if any updates Coz Danny Choo's blog about many Japan anime stuff ... we very Interested ~~ that time we meet lovely and cute Mirai Suenaga ////
Mirai Suenaga is Danny Choo blog mascots and also our country Penang State mascots of the Penang tourism
Since that time sister and I really want to go to Japan >///<

我们俩姐妹小时候就很喜欢看动漫 当然也对日本的生活很感兴趣 
那个时候 姐姐和我都超喜欢看 Danny Choo 的部落格 差不多每天都会去看看有没有更新 
因为 Danny Choo 的部落格讲很多日本 动漫 等的东西......

当然也认识了可爱的 末永未來
末永未來 是 Danny Choo 部落格的吉祥物 现在也是我国槟城州的旅游也吉祥物
自从那时候我和姐姐都很想去日本 可是要等到几时我们两姐妹才可以去到日本啊~~~

and we start collecting Mirai Suenaga products. 
or you all can say me and sis are Mirai fans hahahaha

Mirai Suenaga recently become smart doll when I saw Danny Choo in the production of the Mirai Suenaga smart doll super excited //////
Hoping can meet a real Mirai smart doll 

below is Mirai Suenaga Smart doll Video 

也不只几时开始 末永未來 的周边也越来越多了 
也可是说我们两姐妹超迷 末永未來 哈哈哈

最近 末永未來 变成智慧娃娃了 当我看到Danny Choo 在制作 末永未來 智慧娃娃的时候超级兴奋没有像到第一只智慧娃娃竟然是 末永未來 ////// 太可爱了
希望能看到真正的 末永未來 智慧娃娃

以下是 末永未來 智慧娃娃的影片

Hope can met Mirai Suenaga smart doll and take photo with her/////

Culture Japan Convention will be held at Penang SQCC ~
I will go XD ~  maybe will go back my hometown two weeks hahaha
will be back before AMG event ~

真的很希望可以和 末永未來 智慧娃娃合照//////

Culture Japan Convention 即将会在槟城 SQCC 举办~
当然我也有去 ~ 毕竟那里是我的家乡 可能会回去两个星期哈哈哈
AMG event 前会回来~

 For more details at

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