Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shingeki no kyojin Christa Renz Makeup ~

Christa Renz I'll cos her soon/// but only shooting haha. I very lazy cos at event ..I dun want bring weapon go event. Coz the weapon look so complicated.

I very like her maybe she is the one litter goddess in Shingeki no kyojin and she is the kind person in Shingeki no kyojin character. When I read manga all character face look so creepy and cool except Christa.

And I very hope can shooting whit Shingeki no kyojin big group cos///but I think is very hard to find...coz everyone want cos main character ... so I give up to find Shingeki no kyojin big group cos, Because now I finally find my lovely Ymir wahahahaha.
My friend Amber will cos my lovely Ymir //// kekeke so I very expect this shooting hahaha .

I have make some video "My Christa Renz Makeup from shingeki no kyojin"
Just want to show how I make Christa Renz Makeup... but my camera quality very bad + I dunno how edit video ==.......but hope you all like it~

And I so sorry if you dun understand chinese......

More of the following "Shingeki no Kyojinproducts and games at play asia ~

Chelses Yuan


June L. said...

Ahh, you're so cute! My eyes! *___* Thanks for sharing, ehhe~

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chelsesyuan said...

Thank You June L.

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