Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slender man The Eight Pages ~

Hey guys ~ This time I going to play Slender Man The Eight Pages hahahha ..ya this game is suck for me~
I very hate slender man == but anyway I already collect all 8 note hahaha wanna know ending...go play yourself. The ending is good ending ? I Guess...
but after collect all 8 note second time I can't collect all note so sad *bubu*
is so hard to collect all note.......This is my first time collect all note !!!!!! hahahaha I should record it when I collect all the note LOL

If you guys want to play this game at your computer can click below the link and download~

and below the video is me playing slender man errrmmm just try the new software I download ... maybe my English Speaking is not very good but hope your guys enjoy it... and bye ~

Chelses Yuan


June L. said...

God, this game is scary as HELL. T__T

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chelsesyuan said...

Ya is scary ~ but I like it ///
you can try if u want ^^

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