Saturday, August 31, 2013

Culture Japan Con *Event*

Hi everyone I'm back ! one week did't update blog already....

This time I will update Penang Culture Japan Con Event. For me this event is super awesome ////
They are so many Mirai Suenaga products. If my sis had come, she must be crazy hahaha.

我回来了! 已经一个星期没有写 部落了....

这次我要更新的是槟城 Culture Japan Con Event 这一次的 CJC 超赞的 ~
因为可以看到很多 末永未来 /////  如果我姐有来她一定疯了 哈哈

At that time I don't have buy per-order tickets so I had to go there to buy tickets ......Honestly, the tickets very expensive RM 20 1 day TT
but this event hav door gift //// all is Mirai Suenaga thing.

I want to thank Yuki borrow me Mirai Solar Marine uniform costume and give me day 2 tickets///
Thank you >/////<
But my make-up look not very nice......

那时我没有预定票 所以只好到那里买票了 ....RM20 一天 TT
不过有送Door Gift 全部都是 末永未来

我还真的是要感谢 Yuki >///<
她给了我 Day 2 的门票 真的很感谢你。
也谢谢你 借了我 末永未来  Solar Marine uniform 版本的 服装// 虽然妆很淡的说...

And Thank Michael Ooi take this photo
I love it thank you ////

感谢 Michael Ooi  拍的照片 
我超喜欢这一张的 谢谢 ~

*Inside the event*

*会场里面 *

There are a variety of Booth
If can I hope can buy all the painting///

  如果可以我 全部都很想买下来///

Day 1 

Vocaloid *Rin -Rachel Tee, Len-Janice Yap Li Leng*
Gintama *Kamui- Ash*
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru * Eita Kidō-Vix Kakeru , Chiwa Harusaki-Xinni Lim*
Mirai Suenaga * Solar Marine uniform- Yuki *

Day 2 

*Me and Amber*
*me and Yusuke *
*Me and Dai-Caster*
*Me and Anthony Lee *

*Xsaye and me *

*Angie And me*

I also received several friends of coscard////
And I bought Kurumi and Christa Key-ring coz is so cute so I bought it hahah
 Painter is Xsaye!!!///

我还收到了 几位友人的 coscard //// 
还买了 我最近喜欢的 Kurumi 和 Christa 的锁匙圈 画家是Xsaye  !!!!////


Ken Ong said...

Nice cosplaying... Have a few shots of your photo on Day 2, how to email to you? Ken

chelsesyuan said...

Thank you ^^ here my email

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