Monday, August 12, 2013

Penang Mini CF ~

So hey everyone finally can update blog already ....  my hometown dun have internet.. I can't update my Blog and online last week .....
And yap this year Mini CF is so fun ///  hahahah This is best Mini Cf  Ever !!!!!!
But I dun have Cosplay any character coz I sick when I going Penang that day ...(I really hate my weak body. ) and sorry coz time problem I dun have time to write  more detail at this blog pose.(have some personal thing to do ..)

meet my friends at Mini Cf ~ 

And one more FINALLY CAN MEET MON X KING my lovey Taiwan cosplayer////
Mon and King .//////
I so Happy Can take photo with them~

Guess what …..I have Mon x King signature ////

at last thank for the coscard ~
sorry that day I didn't bring my coscard TT
Chelses Yuan


LoveChloe said...

Wow!! You met King x mon!!!! You are so lucky I am so jealous!!! >////<!! By the way your cosplays are really cute and awesome! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know :D

chelsesyuan said...

Thank you Chloe ^^

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