Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rikka Takanashi loli ver shoothing ~

Hey finally can write my blog
Oh man this week so tired hope can sleep all day no need wake up hahahaha
so at Sunday I have shooting XD yap is Rikka Takanashi loli ver shooting ////

Coz Raz buy the smoke machine so I be the test subject lol~
is so fun shooting with smoke machine and Shingeki no Kyojin opening song !? lol 
Thank my dear "Isabella" always replay Shingeki no Kyojin opening I very scared this song already lol.

ya is fun when the smoke come out haha but 
if too much smoke will become like this 

Or this lol

The smoke look like ghost hand hahaha~

Also have good photo la ~hahah ~
maybe will upload at my page if I have free time ...

When I go back home I play my Neko wig ~
I know my Neko lens color wrong aly ...
coz I lazy to change the lens~ just playing the wig for fun =) 

Ok is timmmmme to say bye Bye ~hahah 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rikka Takanashi loli ver shoothing ~

Super light photo 
will blog soon ~haha

Friday, September 20, 2013


感觉很久没有用话语写部落格了 哈哈 ////
而且也感觉很久没有更新部落了 最近的心情很 Down + 烦 所以没有什么心情更新部落......
所以这一次的部落我想写我的烦恼和心情 哈哈哈

这个几个月我的经济真的烂到没得在烂.....一直都在烦这如何才可以赚更多钱 在读书时期一直认为钱不是很重要的东西 当以出到社会的时候才知道钱其实是很重要的~
钱的确是买不到友情和健康 但是一没有钱什么都不行 现在的社会只要一踏出家门就要用到钱了
这就是现实的世界.....虽然现在的经济是好了一点.... 但是为了梦想 只能拼了命打工努力赚钱了>///<

其实是有哦~哈哈哈 不过啊是谁我就不说了 我相信有些人已经知道了~ 但是我不是很清楚那个笨蛋是不是喜欢我  可能我也是笨蛋吧 哈哈哈
不过啊~也是时候放弃这种暧昧了 因为我等累了 已经开始不想再等了就算在一起也很难会有结果吧 哈哈哈 还是保持朋友就好了~

而且最近我爱上了做衣服哦 哈哈 我在小的时候就很喜欢手工的东西////
当我开始做我第一件costume 的时候超级超级兴奋的 起初一直都以为会很差.... 但是做完出来真的很有满足的感觉~~
我超喜欢做裙子的//// 每次做裙子的时候 不知道为什么会有很兴奋的感觉 LOL

如果你 Cosplay Confessions 粉丝 请你可以不用继续读了)

在Cosplay 界里差不多要两年了 哈哈
也认识很多人 可是在Cosplay 界里我最不喜欢的是 Cosplay Confessions
我个人觉得 Cosplay Confessions 这个page 很狗屎 打死我都不会去like 这个page
我不知道是谁开这一个很狗屎的page  当我看到我的朋友在 Cosplay Confessions 被一个"不知道那里来的白痴"讲到将什么的时候 我真的很想把整个电脑丢掉.........
还有请  “不知道那里来的白痴” 如果你不了解那个人的话 请你们不要乱乱讲可以吗?! 这个page 开来的目的是什么大便啊?! 每次看到朋友被某人说那个这个的 心情都会很火大!!!

"不知道那里来的白痴"如果你有胆量的话就请你在你的FB大胆的写出来吧!!!不要鬼鬼祟祟的在Cosplay Confessions 投诉可以吗?!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

髏々宮 カルタ Karuta Roromiya~~

Karuta So cute !!! I can't stop cos her aly ~
I gonna die when I watch Episode 9  is so MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! when Karuta doing this pose say "Then, you're an idiot....If you don't have a sundae with me, I'll hate you. "So cute when she say this word !!!! I so jealousy Watanuki ><

And Karuta can eat a lot Snacks, food pocky, cake ...Etc!!!!!

Hmmm if I cos Karuta at event will someone give me Yunmmmmmmmmmmi Snacks and Cake? +w+ hahaha (Very hope someone will give me food when I cos Karuta at event lol hahaha.)
(Sorry my camera quality no good.)

Animangaki 2013

This time I want blog about Animangaki 24th and 25th August 2013. I know is too late update this pose... coz day 2 i didn't bring my lovey camera so I need to waiting someone give me day 2 photo. 

Finally come back KL... but that time I come back KL I need to continue my day 2 costume TT
Thank god I complete 60% when I go to Penang if not I will GG lol.

I love this year Animankagi ///// is so fun ~
so many new cosplayer and people ////
and many thing can buy (But I did't buy anything hahaha.)

Here My Day 1 cosplay Happy Tree Friends - Giggles,
 and Day 2 Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai - Rikka Takanashi Lolita ver cosplay .

*Inside Event *

*Culture Japan Booth*
Mirai Chan ///// should I cos Mirai at AFA SG ?
* Thank Kido Help me take the Booth photo *
is time take Photo with friends///
of coz I must take photo with my lovely Happy Tree Friends Group first //// 
love Happy Tree Friends cosplay so much!

My Lovely cosplay friends Felicia, Kitsune and Eclair .

Actually I like This photo so much hahah guess what ...
the Assassin at behind hahaha my favorite game character// walk like a boss hahaha.   

and my Singapore friend Amber, 
my lovely xiao si , 
couple friend Aubrey and Michael, 
 Handsome Shiki,
pretty Ying Tze & my Sis,
Cute Xsaye and
Owes me a lot of meals.... Nero haha.

I forget take photo with Angei, Yuki and Yukito and a lot friend  TT

And I Receive many Coscard at Animankagi  //////// All Cosplayer coscard are so cute and pretty.
oh ..and Thank you the polaroid photo love it ////
hope my polaroid camera can use that day..
But my polaroid camera out of battery..................... 

Cute Mirai Stuff ///

At day 1 actually I very tired ...
when I finish meeting all my friends my eyes want fall a sleep aly
so I just sit at the chair fall a sleep hahah   

Monday, September 2, 2013

Shingeki No Kyojin Mikasa Makeup Test ~

Ok I'm doing Shingeki No Kyojin Makeup Test
I think everyone know what character right hahah .. have six PECs that one.
yap is Mikasa ~ my third favorite character from Shingeki No Kyojin 
But Mikasa I'm not going to do any photo shoot, coz I very lazy wear the 3D gear twice lol
I think finish Christa shooting I will gg aly lol.

And Thank you Xiao Si lend me the costume.///

Here the makeup I done ~ 
 but I only like my eyes make up hahaha
coz my face is chabii type so need use many shading powder doing V Shape face.
but my shading powder is not very.... good == so I use my wig cover my chabii face .
and the wig I use tsukihi araragi wig but need to change the hair style.

I dunno how your guy think about my makeup test..
if can leave a comment let me know.  Thanks~

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