Sunday, September 8, 2013

髏々宮 カルタ Karuta Roromiya~~

Karuta So cute !!! I can't stop cos her aly ~
I gonna die when I watch Episode 9  is so MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! when Karuta doing this pose say "Then, you're an idiot....If you don't have a sundae with me, I'll hate you. "So cute when she say this word !!!! I so jealousy Watanuki ><

And Karuta can eat a lot Snacks, food pocky, cake ...Etc!!!!!

Hmmm if I cos Karuta at event will someone give me Yunmmmmmmmmmmi Snacks and Cake? +w+ hahaha (Very hope someone will give me food when I cos Karuta at event lol hahaha.)
(Sorry my camera quality no good.)

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