Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Churp and Nuffnang GSCHorrorFest ~

Happy Halloween everyone hahaha 
Do you all have fun at your Halloween party ? 
this year Halloween I going to watch 3 horror movie At 1U GSC Horror Fest hahaha.
Thank you Nuffnang and churp ~////
sorry my camera at night take photo very blur T^T

Ticket for the three movie //
Hong Kong Movie 僵死, Thailand Horror Movie Second Sight and Insidious 2

GSC litter gift bag ~

me and my sis ~

Before Movie Start let have some Halloween Dinner////
Have Halloween cakes, Jelly , fish ball eyes and hmmm... ham head ?? (I think is call ham head haha ~)
when I saw the eyes I tot is Jelly but so sad is fish ball T^T
I want eat Jelly eyes !!!!

take photo with cute Yang Bao Bei ~ 
she so chibi CUTE !!!!

 Insidious Background!!!
(Can I shooting here !!!!????/////)

After Finish three movie aly 1:15AM..
my eyes want die aly. When I go back home 3 AM aly...
but is so fun can watch 3 Horror Movie haha YOLO
Thank you Nuffanag and Churp ~ 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ChurpOut 2013 ~

ChurpOut Event is sooooooo FUN !!! This is my first time going ChurpOut Event.
Last year oso have ChurpOut Event but I didn't go. 
Thank my sis take me go ChurpOut Event////.

At ChurpOut have some Famous blogger selling their items and some brand new stuff , mini game and dungee jump haha ~
But that day Weather very super Hot at Morning !!

Anyway guess who i meet ////
is Audrey chan we meet aging again.

And I meet my lovey fashion blogger Cheesie.///
she so pretty ///

I love going churp event ~cuz can take photo like with photo Machine haha.

DA DA ~ my Event photo ~
can make a good memory hahaha.

This time ChurpOut have many Game can play.
play finish one game you can get one mark, Collect 5 mark can get the free gift. 

My free Gift~
japan drinks and Snacks hahaha ~ 

*Line James Face*

Oh ya the bungee jump ~
I playing bungee jump at ChurpOut Event is free. hahah
this is my first time playing bungee jump haha.
my sis help me record when i playing dungee jump ~hahaha.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


HI ~~~ this Month is very tired mount for me cuz the job...
Actually have many friend ask me what job I doing.... but only say I doing freelance or programmer
P/S I not a professionals haha.

But now I not a programmer any more haha ~cuz my company closures I lose my job at April.
so I have 4 month dun have job only stay at home. I also have find some part time job ... but I only do 1 week the boss fired me .... maybe is my working skill not enough..
I Start tired to finding new job...

Until September I find this job.
but I doing this job is very damn tired for me cuz everyday riding LRT I using RM8 go to work and come back home  TT . Is happy when I working there but I can't see my salary.... so I will stop this job end of this month. 

 Anyway I Receive Hishop Giveaway this week. Actually doing this giveaway is my sis haha 
and now I win her giveaway lol. Feel so Weird hahaha~

My sis blog ~

Hishop link ~

Inside have 3 different Korean mask ~hahaha
but last week I just bought new masks. I think this month I have many can use hahaha.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kuro usagi Shooting ~

Actually that day have two shooting, but I cancel one shoot cuz I very tired. 
I just shoot Kurousagi (Black Rabbit ) Mondai-ji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu Yo?
When we reach the shooting place..... the sky feel like going to rain..

I pray the sky dun rain ahhhhhh!!! I very tired already dun play me la TT 
I just let me finish the shooting Pls ~~~ thank god my pray is work hahaha. 

Makeup Makeup.

NG photo ~
when shoot this pose my leg is shaking haha.

Shooting Photo ~

Thank god that day dun have rain ///

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest

(Drinking Free Chatime ♥~)

Ello ~ Yesterday is Nuffnang Food Fest at Sunway Pyramid  !!!!! is my heaven !!! Is Malaysia's First- Ever TW(Eat) Fest.
I very like this Food Fest you know why ...... All Food not need to pay !!! Just Take you smart phone and Tweet then you will get free food.///// Is Food Lover Heaven!!!!!

Teach you how to TW(EAT) and Nuffnang Food Fest Timetable~

My first Food is Macaron
When you Register you will get one free litter Orange Macaron ~
Is my first time eat Macaron so Sweeeeet !///

Everyone start to Tweet and get the free food ~

IS Time to Tweet !!

My Tweet ~

Me and my sis eating New Zealand Natural ice cream

Drinking Chatime me is Coffee jelly flavor sis is Lemon Jelly ice flavor ~
Actually I want Milk Tea flavor I dun know why they give me Coffee Jelly flavor TT
(Actually I dun like drink coffee )

Eating Crazy Potato ~French fries is very nice !!!
is Original size le!!! my sis say Original Size Crazy Potato want RM20++
I so lucky I can eat here for Free ///

and guess what I Meet Audrey and her Husband (timothytiah).

Kahmon and her firend, me, and sis.

and we take photo at Flissco Social photo Booth ~

When I Go back I sick aly TT
But is so happy coz can eat a lot free food today ////

My New cosplay shooting coming soon ~
Thank Kitsune Borrow me costume ////
This costume I want Make by myself but is very GG
coz I dun know how to make the waist part TT
so I borrow costume with Kitsune ///  

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