Saturday, October 19, 2013


HI ~~~ this Month is very tired mount for me cuz the job...
Actually have many friend ask me what job I doing.... but only say I doing freelance or programmer
P/S I not a professionals haha.

But now I not a programmer any more haha ~cuz my company closures I lose my job at April.
so I have 4 month dun have job only stay at home. I also have find some part time job ... but I only do 1 week the boss fired me .... maybe is my working skill not enough..
I Start tired to finding new job...

Until September I find this job.
but I doing this job is very damn tired for me cuz everyday riding LRT I using RM8 go to work and come back home  TT . Is happy when I working there but I can't see my salary.... so I will stop this job end of this month. 

 Anyway I Receive Hishop Giveaway this week. Actually doing this giveaway is my sis haha 
and now I win her giveaway lol. Feel so Weird hahaha~

My sis blog ~

Hishop link ~

Inside have 3 different Korean mask ~hahaha
but last week I just bought new masks. I think this month I have many can use hahaha.

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