Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Churp and Nuffnang GSCHorrorFest ~

Happy Halloween everyone hahaha 
Do you all have fun at your Halloween party ? 
this year Halloween I going to watch 3 horror movie At 1U GSC Horror Fest hahaha.
Thank you Nuffnang and churp ~////
sorry my camera at night take photo very blur T^T

Ticket for the three movie //
Hong Kong Movie 僵死, Thailand Horror Movie Second Sight and Insidious 2

GSC litter gift bag ~

me and my sis ~

Before Movie Start let have some Halloween Dinner////
Have Halloween cakes, Jelly , fish ball eyes and hmmm... ham head ?? (I think is call ham head haha ~)
when I saw the eyes I tot is Jelly but so sad is fish ball T^T
I want eat Jelly eyes !!!!

take photo with cute Yang Bao Bei ~ 
she so chibi CUTE !!!!

 Insidious Background!!!
(Can I shooting here !!!!????/////)

After Finish three movie aly 1:15AM..
my eyes want die aly. When I go back home 3 AM aly...
but is so fun can watch 3 Horror Movie haha YOLO
Thank you Nuffanag and Churp ~ 

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