Thursday, October 24, 2013

ChurpOut 2013 ~

ChurpOut Event is sooooooo FUN !!! This is my first time going ChurpOut Event.
Last year oso have ChurpOut Event but I didn't go. 
Thank my sis take me go ChurpOut Event////.

At ChurpOut have some Famous blogger selling their items and some brand new stuff , mini game and dungee jump haha ~
But that day Weather very super Hot at Morning !!

Anyway guess who i meet ////
is Audrey chan we meet aging again.

And I meet my lovey fashion blogger Cheesie.///
she so pretty ///

I love going churp event ~cuz can take photo like with photo Machine haha.

DA DA ~ my Event photo ~
can make a good memory hahaha.

This time ChurpOut have many Game can play.
play finish one game you can get one mark, Collect 5 mark can get the free gift. 

My free Gift~
japan drinks and Snacks hahaha ~ 

*Line James Face*

Oh ya the bungee jump ~
I playing bungee jump at ChurpOut Event is free. hahah
this is my first time playing bungee jump haha.
my sis help me record when i playing dungee jump ~hahaha.

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