Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest

(Drinking Free Chatime ♥~)

Ello ~ Yesterday is Nuffnang Food Fest at Sunway Pyramid  !!!!! is my heaven !!! Is Malaysia's First- Ever TW(Eat) Fest.
I very like this Food Fest you know why ...... All Food not need to pay !!! Just Take you smart phone and Tweet then you will get free food.///// Is Food Lover Heaven!!!!!

Teach you how to TW(EAT) and Nuffnang Food Fest Timetable~

My first Food is Macaron
When you Register you will get one free litter Orange Macaron ~
Is my first time eat Macaron so Sweeeeet !///

Everyone start to Tweet and get the free food ~

IS Time to Tweet !!

My Tweet ~

Me and my sis eating New Zealand Natural ice cream

Drinking Chatime me is Coffee jelly flavor sis is Lemon Jelly ice flavor ~
Actually I want Milk Tea flavor I dun know why they give me Coffee Jelly flavor TT
(Actually I dun like drink coffee )

Eating Crazy Potato ~French fries is very nice !!!
is Original size le!!! my sis say Original Size Crazy Potato want RM20++
I so lucky I can eat here for Free ///

and guess what I Meet Audrey and her Husband (timothytiah).

Kahmon and her firend, me, and sis.

and we take photo at Flissco Social photo Booth ~

When I Go back I sick aly TT
But is so happy coz can eat a lot free food today ////

My New cosplay shooting coming soon ~
Thank Kitsune Borrow me costume ////
This costume I want Make by myself but is very GG
coz I dun know how to make the waist part TT
so I borrow costume with Kitsune ///  

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Filicia Kok said...

Thank you for your post. Hope you like the pictures...

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