Friday, November 22, 2013


This month so many thing happen to me...I so tired to take care all the thing and I dun want to take care cuz is will make me stress.
hope everyday can  hang out with friends, I dun like stay at home cuz I feel lonely and stress.

Hope every week can go events or shooting ~ Of course not only cosplay event haha ~
Only going events and shooting can help me relaxation.

And one thing I finally give up him already cuz he got girl friend already (this week only know he got girl friend==llll I feel like WTH haha ), maybe have a bit sad but this is best way for me, now I just want focus the thing I want to do X//D

And Thank you Alex help me do this shooting hahah ~
and this place look like Hong Kong and Taiwan ////  I very like it.
I very miss Taiwan >///< hope next year can go Taiwan Cosplay Event.////

And one thing I really want to thank you Alex ~

Alex help my take Akatsuki  signature and Reika post card size cos card ///////
Thank you very much T///w///T
when I saw Akatsuki  signature I super SUPER SUPER  HAPPY !!!!
so regret I didn't go JCOS TwT
But Thank You Alex ~

And Thank you my all cosplay friend when I feel down they always make me happy..
I really glad can meet you all.

Monday, November 18, 2013

AFA 2013 ~

*hug Amber Cheese Kun *

This is my first Time going Singapore AFA Event IT IS SO FUN////
and is my first time take train going Singapore....but we take train at Friday night hahah 
that night at train I can't sleep T^T
cuz I sleep near by the door someone open or close the door make the annoying sound and someone listen music with headphones open sound very loud....... 
I only sleep one hour T^T cuz aly reach Singapore.

Actually at day 1 I cos Neko school uniform ver ~ but my costume have litter bit problems..
I change to Christa renz... but I only cos 2 hour at Event, forget to wear black leather skirt.

Day 2 Lacus Clyne first time wear long dress haha but very hard to walk.
Thank my partner take care my dress at event .

 Kido help me take some litter bit event photo 
he have give me 3 photo.... but have one photo I dunno save at where aly ~
so just put this two photo~ 

11/17 is Makoto Birthday 
when Kido send me this photo my face look like wah ~~~
so sad I can't see this scene at AFA Event .

May'n so cute ///// I tot kido shoot is real May'n but he shoot poster only ==
I like her Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Universal Bunny song ////

I meet my boabei Elyon Lim XD
same whit me is Ranka Lee Fans >////////<
hope we can cosplay together next year ////////

*Sawada and me *
Finally can meet you haha.

 Happy Birthday Shine Ng
Never get older >//3//<

After Dinner we all take group photos together /////
so happy can meet everyone 
Hope next time can go trip together.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cosmart 2013 ~

在今年 Comic Fiesta 举办了小小的活动在 Fahrenheit88 
就是 Cosmart ~ Cosmart 的主要活动是让我们cosplayer 在那里买卖二手costume 和假发和其他小饰品等等……

感觉好像去到了二手市场一样 ////
  不过是假发卖的比较多 我也很想在那里买很多假发的说><
可是那时候我还没有出粮 T^T
不然我就可以买很多回去了 >/////<


*Buy me Buy me*

在Cosmart 还可以免费玩 跳舞机 ~
闪亮亮的 Blur 和 Stella Chew 在挑战着……至于谁赢我不记得了 哈哈 ~

当然在那里也遇到了很多友人 //////

漂亮的 Xiao xi ~

姐姐, 可爱的小公主 Hermes Chan 和 漂亮的 YingTze

闪亮亮的 Blur 和 超萌的Stella Chew

高高的 Nero~

Chia Yi chan ~ 真是不是很认的你了 可能那时候你画淡妆的关系 ///
很高兴能在这里遇见你 //

Eclair 和 Yee Jack ~

Reiz 很抱歉那时我真的不是很记得你是谁 ><////
不过 我想现在应该不会忘记了
(抱歉阿 Reiz  不记得你的名字) 

Kido 和 Michael Tang 
我还以为在这一次的cosmart 会遇到Kido 的女朋友的说~
可惜没有来 ~ 应该是很萌的女孩吧 *w*

其实呢还有workshop Ying Tze 和 Blur 的 Workshop ~
我来这里其实是要看 Ying Tze 的 workshop 因为我很喜欢看她做的`costume. 因为她做的costume 很精致很美 ~ 我蛮喜欢她的 //////当然还有Hermes chan ~ 我以前就是她的部落读者~
难得她有来cosmart 当然是要和她合照啦 ~ 可能她不是很记得我了 .... 但是很开心可以她合照 ~

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