Friday, November 22, 2013


This month so many thing happen to me...I so tired to take care all the thing and I dun want to take care cuz is will make me stress.
hope everyday can  hang out with friends, I dun like stay at home cuz I feel lonely and stress.

Hope every week can go events or shooting ~ Of course not only cosplay event haha ~
Only going events and shooting can help me relaxation.

And one thing I finally give up him already cuz he got girl friend already (this week only know he got girl friend==llll I feel like WTH haha ), maybe have a bit sad but this is best way for me, now I just want focus the thing I want to do X//D

And Thank you Alex help me do this shooting hahah ~
and this place look like Hong Kong and Taiwan ////  I very like it.
I very miss Taiwan >///< hope next year can go Taiwan Cosplay Event.////

And one thing I really want to thank you Alex ~

Alex help my take Akatsuki  signature and Reika post card size cos card ///////
Thank you very much T///w///T
when I saw Akatsuki  signature I super SUPER SUPER  HAPPY !!!!
so regret I didn't go JCOS TwT
But Thank You Alex ~

And Thank you my all cosplay friend when I feel down they always make me happy..
I really glad can meet you all.

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