Monday, November 18, 2013

AFA 2013 ~

*hug Amber Cheese Kun *

This is my first Time going Singapore AFA Event IT IS SO FUN////
and is my first time take train going Singapore....but we take train at Friday night hahah 
that night at train I can't sleep T^T
cuz I sleep near by the door someone open or close the door make the annoying sound and someone listen music with headphones open sound very loud....... 
I only sleep one hour T^T cuz aly reach Singapore.

Actually at day 1 I cos Neko school uniform ver ~ but my costume have litter bit problems..
I change to Christa renz... but I only cos 2 hour at Event, forget to wear black leather skirt.

Day 2 Lacus Clyne first time wear long dress haha but very hard to walk.
Thank my partner take care my dress at event .

 Kido help me take some litter bit event photo 
he have give me 3 photo.... but have one photo I dunno save at where aly ~
so just put this two photo~ 

11/17 is Makoto Birthday 
when Kido send me this photo my face look like wah ~~~
so sad I can't see this scene at AFA Event .

May'n so cute ///// I tot kido shoot is real May'n but he shoot poster only ==
I like her Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Universal Bunny song ////

I meet my boabei Elyon Lim XD
same whit me is Ranka Lee Fans >////////<
hope we can cosplay together next year ////////

*Sawada and me *
Finally can meet you haha.

 Happy Birthday Shine Ng
Never get older >//3//<

After Dinner we all take group photos together /////
so happy can meet everyone 
Hope next time can go trip together.

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