Thursday, December 19, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013 is Coming !!

Comic Fiesta 2013 is Coming  !!! YEAH !! Comic Fiesta is big ACG Event at Malaysia.
All ACG Fans are you ready?! 

2013 年漫画嘉年华 即将到来了 !!!! 太棒了 !!!! 漫画嘉年华是在马来西亚最大的 ACG 活动。
不知道喜欢ACG 的粉丝/友人准备好了吗?

This year many guests coming Comic Fiesta
I think their fans are looking forward to meet all guests right ?!
Of course, I am also looking forward to meeting all guests! >///w///<(STAYXXXX SAMA YUEGENE SAMA!!!!

今年的嘉宾特别多哦 ~///
嘉宾的粉丝都很期待和她们见面吧 ?!
当然我也很期待和全部的嘉宾见面! >///w///< ( STAYXXXX SAMA YUEGENE SAMA !!!! 狂喊中

Comic Fiesta have sell some T-shirts,CF Posters and Badges etc...
If you're Comic Fiesta Fans you can't miss. XD

喜很漫画嘉年角色的友人绝对不能错过 XD

More Detail for Comic Fiesta 2013
Click Below the Link 

Comic Fiesta website

21-22 December
At Hall 1-6 KLCC Convention Center 

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