Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mr Lens ~

Last Week receive my new cos wig and new contact lens hahahaha, guess what wig I buy hehe ~ yap is kyokai on kanata Mirai Chan wig.
I will cosplay Mirai Chan at this year Comic Fiesta  with my friends.//// I so look  forward this year Comic Fiesta cuz have many awesome guests coming Malaysia Comic Fiesta wahhahaha!!!///  

Oh and I also receive my new contact lens at last week Thursday./// so pretty and fast receive the new lens.//
very love my lens cuz the lens is very expensive.....But thank you The Butterfly Project selected me for special collaboration with Mr. Lens so I can get 2 set free contact lens. >*w*<

The Butterfly Project just send me one code to get 2 set free contact lens at Mr. Lens, I'am very satisfied Mr. Lens service attitude.

that time I think I miss the first email The Butterfly Project send me cuz at first email they have tell me what contact lens brand we can choose, but I only read second email they send me.
I just choose the contact lens brand I like ==lllll but at second day Mr.Lens send me email tell me my Mr.Lens account have been black list.... they ask me open new account using same code get the free lens and Mr.lens tell me which contact lens I can choose. Yap I very like this service attitude cuz they will tell you what reason they will black list your account.

How you buy lens at Mr.lens?
1.choose the contact lens you like.

2. Go to your Currently In Your Shopping Cart confirm the lens you want buy.
3. Click "Checkout" continue next step.

4. Check your Shopping Address, Click "continue" go to  next step. 

5.Tick mark at "Confirmation" and "Terms of Service"
6.Click "Confirm Order" go to  next step. 

If you Today buy contact lens at Mr.Lens day after tomorrow you will receive your contact lens.

Mr. Lens Website :

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