Thursday, January 30, 2014

Culture Japan Maido shooting~

*Culture Japan Macaroon*

 My First cosplay shooting this year ~///
So happy can cos Culture Japan Maido Ver with Angie. 
This is my third and fourth costume I make by myself ~ fourth costume is my sis costume.
 Actually I'm a lazy people hahah last week  before shooting  I start to make costume==llll
Thank god I finally finish the costume before shooting hahaha ~
Thank God ~hahaha ~

*Haruka Love Shape hair style * 

When Fritz let me see this photo in camera I laughing and dunno what the point I laughing .....=///=lll
but not bad I like the hair style Fritz make haha ~ 

I Love this Photo so much ~
Photo Edit by Angie she make this photo so *Pika Pika* I like it so much. ///
Mirai Suenaga ➸Angie0_0
Haruka Suenaga ➸ Chelsesyaun *Me*
Kanata Hoshikawa ➸ Ridley Jing

Photographer: Fritz Fusion

*Photo Whit Alpaca *
Wish Everyone Happy Chinese New Year ~ 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mirai Kuriyama Cosplay makeup

Fans sign For Facebook Friends ~ 

Hello ~ here I making Mirai Kuriyama Cosplay makeup tutorial . XD
But my video editing skill is not very good ...

Actually this is my third makeup tutorial  video.
But when I saw my Non-makeup face at this video look very scary...
I use half day to edit this video still got many thing mistake at this video TwT
I hope you will like it.

Products used:

- Mehron Clown White
- Etude House BB cushion #Natural Beige W13
- Cyber Colors 4 in 1 Eco-BB Cream # 01 Natural 
- Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Powder #03 Natural
- Candy Doll Concealer #02
- L'elan Vital Shimmer Blush Compact
- Integrate Mineral Foundation Loose Powder
- Lens # Blytheye Brown 14.8mm
- 88 Color Garden Eyeshadow
- Cyber Colors Eyelashes 
- Candy Doll Eyeliner #Black

- Revlon Lipstick # 415 Pink in the Afternoon 
- Candy Doll  # Macaroon pink

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100 Doreamon Secret Gadgets Expo

12月 28 日我去了 100 Doreamon Secret Gadgets Expo !!!!在VIVA Home
我还是第一次看到那么多小叮当和道具 100 个小叮当道具在100 Doreamon Secret Gadgets Expo
这是很难的小叮当会来马来西亚怎么可能不去呢?! 不去看就真的是会很吃垮啊!!!>///<

门票超级可爱的  可以当书签用 ~

小叮当原始黄色模型 ~

小叮当与100个道具 哈哈哈 
100 个道具里面我只知道 40% 的道具罢了==llll

就是大雄和他的奶奶的那一幕 超级感动的一级啊 TwT

是卖很多小叮当的周边产品 进到里面竟然全部都是小叮当啊 !!!!
说真的如果我有钱我很希望可以买完全部回家 哈哈哈

很开心能买到有一些想要已经卖完了 T*T

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