Monday, March 17, 2014


Long time didn't post something at here.
Now have free time  post some stuff at here haha.  

现在有时间就在这里写写东西吧 哈哈哈。

Saturday went to KLCC Kinokuniya buy a lot book that day  hahah cuz my Sister get the book voucher this year. Actually I very hope I can buy all Kinokuniya book go back home haha just kidding.~
My Big sister is a nice sister haha every year she get book voucher she will bring me and bro going
"Kinokuniya" buy book ~
Last year she buy "FINAL FANTASY XIII ULTIMANIA OMEGA" book for me hahaha
Thank you My SISTER~

星期六我和姐姐弟弟去了 "Kinokuniya" 书店 ~~ 上个星期姐姐拿到了 RM 250 的买书Voucher XD
去到那里我们三个都一直在找自己喜欢的书 哈哈哈~
我姐姐是一个很好的的人 每年拿到 RM 250 的买书Voucher 都会带我们到Kinikuniya 买书
真是太棒了 哈哈 

And one thing me and my sister are planing to cos Frozen together /////
Yeah sisters cos again I love sisters cos so much //// can shooting with my lovely Sis and at event can walk together now we discuss what costume we want to take. Of course my sis will cos Elsa and me will cos Anna.
so look forward to~~

 还有一件事就是 我和姐姐在计划着要一起出 "Frozen" 了 ////
我最喜欢姐妹cos 了 因为可以一起外拍出会场的时候又可以走在一起 哈哈哈 
目前还在讨论要拿什么costume ……当然我姐姐出的时冰女王 Elsa 我是出妹妹公主 Anna。

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