Wednesday, September 24, 2014

日本我来了 ~在东京 的第一天


日本我来了! 坐了8个小时的飞机终于到日本啦 !!!!!!
我还是第一次做马航 其实我还蛮怕坐马航的 因为今年马航发生了很多的意外...
为了不要麻烦近藤先生 所以没有换飞机~
可是在飞机上我完全就不能睡啊 因为旁边和后面坐着一位很Big Size 体型的人 所以很难在飞机上睡觉  才在飞机上睡了两个小时  其余的时间都在看电视机=x=

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gundam Build Fighter Shooting ~

最近cos 短发的角色很多 HOHO
和Gundam 有关的角色我还是第一次cos
其实我也蛮少看Gundam 的动漫的~ 但是Gundam Build Fighter 是一位朋友介绍我看的
Gundam Build Fighter 和其他的Gundam 的动漫不一样 Gundam Build Fighter 是用Gundam模型比赛
故事还蛮特别 看了第一集就很想看第二集慢慢就看上瘾了 哈哈
其实我很喜欢男主(Sei-kun)的 >///w///<  可是没有什么信心cos 男生 TwT
不过很开心和朋友出 Gundam Build Fighter 的shooting 
Photographer: Fritz Fusion

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ラブライブ!/Love Live ! ! korekara no someday Shooting ~

Hello ~ This time I use English to writing my blog post hope my english not fall behind
Frist I want to Thank you Angie last year find me join this shooting group
I still remember she say "You look like Hanayo +w+ come be our group Hanayo hahahha~"
Hanayo is my favorite character in Love Live Coz she so KAWAWEIIIII  and sometime she will very funny and shy ~Actually I like shy shy character.
Ok so when the shooting start few hour befor ..... actually I working night shift when I come back home already 12++AM but I still have some hair accessories and costume accessories not done yet ==llll I take finish showers and start making accessories.... But I watch Anime and to thing at the same time ..... so when I finish is almost 4 AM ........ @~@llll and two more hour my friend stella will come and fetch me go shooting liao ...... and my stupid sister come down saw me didn't sleep she chating with me and last she konw me later have shooting she only give me one word "Good Luck for the shooting ya ~ hehehe " then she go back sleep liao....... == When we finish chating almost 5am++ I watch the clock I think I no need to sleep liaoo
So Start prepare shooting stuff and make-up~
Coz the shooting place at Icity Golden Marry we need to reach there 7am or 8am.
But I very enjoin this shooting hahaha
Is so Fuwa Fuwa and So lovey

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