Saturday, March 7, 2015

FB Page Like 3000+ Giveaway

Hello everyone,
Last time before Chinese New Year I promise I will do a giveaway small Giveaway  After Chines New Tear To Thank you all for you support.

Now I finally get my R4 photo card yesterday. ~ XD
This is my first time doing Giveaway so I only print 5set, 1set have 5 photo inside.

在新年之前我有和大家说过我会在新年过后我会做一个小小的 Giveaway。
是为了答谢 大家的支持。

所以在昨天我已经收到了 4R 照片卡 XD
因为这是我第一次做 Giveaway 所以没印那么多……我只是印了5 set, 1 set 里面有 5 张照片。

Giveaway Prize :~~~~~~~~
Giveaway 奖品: ~~~~~~~~

Rules and how to win:
  1. I will use giveaway system to choose 5 the winner.
  2. Open for all Country
  3. 1 Winner will get one set only.
  4. Just follow the giveaway system to complete all question.
  5. Time star at 6/3/2015-21/3/2014End
  6. The 5 winner I will list at my Facebook page.
  1. 我会用Giveaway 系统来选出5位赢家。
  2. 任何国家的友人都可以参加。
  3. 1位赢家只能拿到1 set。
  4. 只要跟着 Giveaway 系统完成以下的问题就可以了。
  5. 开始时间6/3/2015-21/3/2015结束。
  6. 5 位赢家的名字会在 Facebook Page 公布。

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Derek Chee said...

Hmmmm Rurumo. I believe u will look cute in that cosplay.

Kido Loh Wai Bin said...

I want ps4 :v ((woii

Thompson Siew said...

I like your Yuudachi Cosplay because you looks cute and fierce in kai-ni form poi!

Erick GReATz said...

Katou Megumi, i just thought it would fit with you :)

Zhili said...

Miyabi Hotoka probably, think u cos her looks pretty good, seems to bear some similarities with her

Muhamad Faiz Danyal said...

For me, I would like to see Chelses-sama cosplay as Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown. Inori is in my opinion,my favorite character cosplayers I saw cosplay as usually as she is beautiful and pretty. Therefore, Chelses-sama and Inori are like a match made in heaven. 😉

Tan Jia Yee said...

I like your Mirai Suenaga cosplay OwO very cute~~

zhi hau said...

Love Kantai collection

Xiao Yu said...

非常喜欢你出的花阳亲!!!很可爱!!!!!也很喜欢你出的希~~ <3 (●´∀`●)(((希望有机会在活动可以看到你////// 因为每次上活动都没遇见你有点小伤感qwwqq

kaiyin930513 said...

i wan yr cute cute de fujimiya kaori cosplay photo ........ ^^

Chua Ken Yuan said...

Hatsune miku. Because never see you cosplay miku before.(´・ω・`)

Tomoya Cheah said...

I Like the Yukikaze, because looks very cute.

Rin Ji said...

Yuudachi and Mirai Suenaga, because you cosplayed them very nicely

~ Baby Elyon~ said...

老婆我爱你了~~ 你的所有cosplay都棒棒哒!! XD!!

Faza Aizat said...

Kato Megumi from Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata...i think that character really suit with your personality & when you smile it remind me to Kato Megumi..i sure that you will look cute as Kato Megumi.

Kwan Ho Ng said...

喜歡看你出六花, 因為很還原, 表情很到位

Xylia Cross said...

Tsubaki Sawabe from Your Lie In April because I think you suit her very well~

Kelvin Tan said...

Asuna from Sword Art Online because you will look cute in that cosplay~

Leong Xian Long said...

I love u and ur sister~

Marija said...

maybe more cosplay from KanColle? Cus I love it~ <3

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohd Jeffrey Zin said...

I really love to see more of your Kantai Collection cosplay like Shimakaze.

albert jonathan said... I think you are cute when cosplaying tewi inaba since your face is small.

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